Do you Have a Faulty ECU?


ECU (Engine control unit) is like the motherboard that passes all the controlling instructions to various electrical components inside the car. Therefore, its maintenance becomes important in order to make your car more reliable and tuned.Eugenie is equipped to deal with all kinds of ECU tuning issues but first, let’s learn about some of the main factors that determine you have a faulty ECU.

Symptoms of faulty ECU.

Engine stalls.

It generally takes place during combustion when the engine misfires and stalls. This happens randomly. So, it is difficult to find a pattern or the time it exactly happens. Most of the time it does become difficult to trace the issue back to the ECU.

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Hence, the Engine light comes on as a result of stalling. You must see the technician if the issue persists.

Car won’t stop at all

This means the car is not receiving the signals by the motherboard that is ECU at all. It was difficult before now it is just impossible for the car because of the malfunctioning of the ECU. It requires a certified technician to diagnose the issue once you have checked the battery, fuel, and other components

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ECU computer:

In case you think the ECU computer is corrupted or has started malfunctioning completely, you need a chip tuning service to correctly diagnose the issue and suggest the most suited solution.

Engine lights flash.

This comes very close to the first point because the engine light starts in both cases. If you see the engine light on completely, it clearly means there are some transmission errors that need a hard look.

While we understand it could get a little tricky to understand the ECU completely, read on to know more. Technically, one cannot get over with the ECU issues all by their own, but require someone who is a specialist handling

Some of them include;

Keep up vehicle battery: Your vehicle utilizes plenty of electrical frameworks including a major PC (ECU) which controls all the electrical capacities. All these electrical frameworks run on the battery. An incapable battery could trigger an electrical issue or even take out the ECU. In this way keeping up the battery by changing the battery water or keeping the battery terminals rust-free is significant.

Change brake cushions: This is a moderately simple undertaking to perform and should be possible with a couple of instruments close by. Be that as it may, not changing the brake cushions on-time could end up being an exorbitant and hazardous undertaking. While changing the cushions it could likewise be a smart thought to check the brake oil and drain the brakes if fundamental.

Fuel channel: Changing the fuel channel isn’t just useful for your motor yet in addition helps in improving your general mileage, sparing you some additional quid. There is no specific calendar for changing the channel, however, the nature of fuel got at the gas station is one acceptable factor to remember while thinking about occasional changes.

Air channel: Replacing your air channel, is a simple activity that can be performed absent a lot of specialized skill. By and by, the air channel assumes a basic job in the ideal execution of your vehicle. Vehicles need a blend of fuel and air to consume so as to push ahead. Discourage both of the two and it can bring about an intense decrease of capacity to your motor.

Pivot tires: Rotate your tires each 5,000 km. At the point when done at the suggested interims, it can safeguard adjusted dealing with and footing and smooth out tire wear. Now and again appropriate tire turn can even give execution favorable circumstances.

Check tire pressure: Incorrect tire weight can cause tires to slip or slide on wet and stormy surfaces. There is additionally an inclination for lopsided wear and undesirable punctures. Look at your client manual to know precisely how much weight your tires need.

Check tire profundity: For your vehicle to get the most ideal footing your tires ought to have the base suggested tire profundity. This will help keep your vehicle stable while rolling over wet streets. Moreover and all the more critically, keeping the fitting tire profundity will keep up the ideal slowing down proficiency of your vehicle. Keeping away from any undesirable impacts.

Use nitrogen rather than air: Nitrogen is an increasingly steady gas when contrasted with air making it more averse to change in case of any temperature changes, which changes the driving elements of a vehicle somewhat. Nitrogen is additionally less inclined to let-out through the tire sidewalls, which implies fewer weight checks and fewer stops at the gas station.

You will need to take it to the technician who will then do the ECU tuning if the issue with the board has been detected.


Mostly, cars face these chip tuning issues due to the new technological expansion and your ECU might need a replacement or repairs.

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