Do Pro Fighters need boxing head guard?

boxing headgear

Isn’t it rather odd that you get to hear about a protective boxing gear like a head guard? Sounds even absurd when you know boxing is a combat sport based on high level of contact between the opponents, doesn’t it?

Why do the professional fighters use these in a boxing competition, or don’t they?

Truth be told, they don’t.

Let’s take a deep dive into some details.

Why use boxing head gear?

Like really, when the very nature of the sport requires a bruise here & there, a few cuts and marks, you know, the little things that help you show off your participation in a brutal fight, right?.

But there are a few injuries that are much more dangerous, could even be lethal – concussions, fractures, brain damages.

The design and the padding set within the head guard is meant to protect the cranium and the jaw against any potential injuries. Hence the requirement by concerned authorities to wear the during a competitive fight, especially by the amateur boxers.

While some argue that it does not serve to provide full security against concussions or any form of brain damage, a lot depends on the quality and type of head guard you use. Here’s a quick list of things to remember while making a purchase

  • Take your time in selecting the right size and it. A head guard spinning around the skull is quite useless
  • Ensure the chin strap fits well; a loose strap would give the head gear poor grip and only make it a poorly setting item on your face
  • Thickness of the padding! You can have the right type available for you depending upon your need; sparring VS competition. Each varies in the thickness and firmness of padding and thus offers a different level of protection
  • Being able to see the opponent is critical so that you can make your move accordingly; select a design that allows for best visibility
  • Brands have their value because the reliability they offer to the buyers. Pick your brand mindfully, buy boxing headgear for quality even if the price is slightly above your expectations. You can also find greater value from brands like Infinitude Fight that offers premium quality hear gear to be customized to your taste too; quality, reliability and style, all in one!

Why do pro boxers not wear protective head gear?

The first thing you need to know and understand is, where all is the boxing head guard used?  Not too difficult to guess, during training as well as a bout.

The sparring category of the boxing head gear is used while the training or practices are going on through a sparring session against a partner. Even a pro boxer needs to be ahead of the game and fine tune his technique on an on -going basis in order to be in shape to knock out the opponent. The utility of this one’s for both an amateur and a professional fighter.

The competition head guard on the other hand, is used in a ring, during a real fight, a competitive bout. This might come as a surprise to you, but these are used by the amateur boxers and not the pro fighters.

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Wondering why? Here’s your answer.

Pro-boxing is a viewer centric game, the audience’s entertainment and engagement has a lot of value and is central to the popularity of the event too. Simply put, audience likes to watch the faces of their favorite players throwing blows on their opponents. The adrenaline for this audience lays in the gory details.

Also, since this piece of boxing equipment could possibly obscure the fighter’s vision, causing difficulty in responding adequately or watching the opponent’s move the rules demand it rather not be worn.

Plus, the conflicting arguments of the head guard’s utility against concussions which has made even associations like AIBA relax their rules and take it off the list of mandatory items to be worn during a competition.

Is head gear needed at all?

Of course!

While a conflict might have arisen in favor of not wearing the head guard during a fight, its value remains in favor of protection against the equally dangerous facial injuries like deep cuts or deeply rooted bruises. The underlying rationale for excluding head gear from the fight is based on inconclusive research and an assumption that without the protection, competing boxers do not hit the sensitive areas with too much force.

Nevertheless, head gear remains an important boxing equipment especially during practice and sparring sessions. Even the pro boxing headgear still remains a part of those rehearsing sessions of sparring.

Are you any closer to becoming a star boxer, a pro? Tell us your story, we’d want to learn from you too.