Do HR Certifications Really Help Boost Pay?


With the emergence of disruptive hr tech in the recent past, the way, hr used to function traditionally, has changed drastically. Barging of new-age advanced technologies like AI into the hr domain has brought in the role of technical proficiency. Now, hr professionals are not hired for just managing the administrative work, but they are now supposed to develop strategies specific to talent management, employee well-being, and workforce development.

And that’s why, the working hr professionals at this moment in time, need to upgrade their skill set, or they will get thrown out of their respective job positions, sooner or later. The fact that the traditional hr skills are quickly becoming obsolete in the wake of disruptive hr tech, is making it uncompromising for hr community to get certified in the new-age skills.

Besides, the earning potential of a certified professional will be significantly more than his non-certified counterpart. Another vital fact that you must be aware of as a working hr executive is that the relevance of professional credentials soars, as you move up the ladder in a hierarchy. 

HR Training Certifications: Impact on Pay

As per PayScale, hr certifications help boost the pay across all levels of hierarchy in the hr domain, starting from an assistant, high up to the position of a director. For managers in specific, the pay difference between a certified and a non-certified professional can go as high as $10,000 a year.

Types of HR Certifications, & Their Relation with Pay Boost

PayScale says that certifications such as GPHR, CPC, and SPHR-CA, have helped their rightful holders secure a double-digit pay boost. Those equipped with a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) certificate witnessed the highest surge in pay, i.e. 28.8%, followed by the professionals armed with GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) credential (16%). 

Your Workplace Location Acts as a Big Differentiator

Where you live in the US decides your earnings as an hr professional. According to a PayScale study, the value of your certification multiplies manifolds if you work in the major cities of America, such as Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston, or Chicago. In these cities, being a certified professional, you will earn about $20,000 more, annually.

The city, where the impact of an hr certification is the most in the US, is Washington D.C., wherein the difference in pay among the certified and non-certified individuals is $27,400 on an annual basis. Los Angeles comes second on the list, with a pay difference of $26,200 a year.

Added Benefits of Acquiring Professional Credentials in HR 

  • You are more likely to get hired, or promoted, being a certified hr professional. Individuals having one or more credentials under their belt are 37% more likely to get promoted at work within a time span of five years, compared to their non-certified colleagues.
  • When equipped with a certification, you are considered more serious towards your career by the recruiters, and hence, a higher chance of getting employed.
  • Being certified, signals to the talent management team of your organization that you are aware of the current happenings in the industry, and are up-to-date with the latest skills specific to the industry domain.
  • There exists an abundance of networking opportunities when you enroll yourself in a professional credentialing program. You get to meet the experts in the field and develop friendships and professional bonds among the other professionals of the industry.

Concluding Words

Irrespective of what certification you enroll in, being a certified professional, in itself, makes you eligible to ask for better remunerations. Being credentialed is a kind of testimony to your capabilities, and a drive to excel in what you do.

Enroll yourself online, for a professional hr credential today, and take control of your destiny in professional life.