DIY Vs. Hiring A Removalist For Your Move


Life never stays the same, and neither will your home and office location. There will be more than one instance when you will have to shift from location to location. It can be due to job changes, circumstances, ending a lease, and several other reasons.

The one aspect that will be constant in each case will be the need for packaging and moving your accessories. It is also the most confusing part as you never know whether to do it yourself or hire a professional company for it.

This post will offer you the clarity on DIY Vs. hiring a removalist by comparing their pros and cons.


The biggest difference in DIY and hiring a removalist is the control they each of them offer. In case you are doing it all by yourself, you get the freedom to use any type of material and pack in anyways. In simpler words, you are the boss and hold full control over the whole process right from packing to transporting. You can choose the trucks, get other vehicles, or even do it using your car or truck.

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In the other case, you have to make sure to use the perfect size of boxes and packaging material. It is essential as the removalists need to fit all the products systematically so that they all fit in the transport and don’t get damaged. They will provide you choices for the transport type by once you select one; you have to stick with it.

However, this does have beneficial sides, as the removalist will take charge and do all the heavy lifting tasks. They will load the boxes, take care of their safe transportation, and also unload them at the second location. Some like removalist Currumbin also offer insurances your goods.

So, considering the safety factor, removalist is the best option for moving a large number of goods, while DIY is perfect for a small amount of products. It is also a great option only if you have some experience in this sort of works.


This part seems the most obvious part as the removalist companies will need more investment than you would need for DIY. However, the story is not that simple as there are a lot more factors like accidents, damages, and thefts that come along the way. Since you are moving to a new and unfamiliar place, you are not familiar with roads; you may have difficulty driving the luggage cart, especially if the place has blind cuts.

Then there are things like speed breakers, accidents, weather conditions that can damage the goods you carry. If you are doing it all yourself, these scenarios may leave you with heavy losses. The professional removalist being more experienced and trained for these things, can help you to avoid the damages. They can also provide you insurances and other schemes to balance the damage if it occurs.

Therefore, unless you are confident about your situation handling, driving, and have insurance for the damages, removalists are your best choice.

Planning Requirements

The planning requirement for both the DIY and professional removalist services is almost the same. You have to call ahead and fix the movement schedule and would need the same quantity of packaging materials in both cases. There can be a bit different like you plan a bit late in DIY but will need an early booking in removalist services, but that isn’t much different.

The time you spend on finding the removalist and finalizing those balances the effort, you will need for loading/unloading the goods.

The only thing you need to consider in this case is the time span between your initial plan and the final shift. If it’s low, DIY is goods as the professional services will need pre-booking. In case you have enough time, consider the other factors, and decide wisely.

Packaging Material

Though the local hardware may provide you normal packaging material like bubble wraps and boxes, there is no guarantee to find all of them. It possible that they don’t have a perfect size or have run out of a particular product at the time.

Another thing to consider is that the hardware store is that they don’t know your needs. It means that you have to analyze your goods and develop the list of materials you would need.

The removalists are a bit better in this case. These people have tie-ups with multiple companies and offer you all you need for packaging material. Some of them also lend a hand in this work so you can take care of your regular works. Moreover, since you can return the extras to them, the planning work reduces to a minimal level.

Wrap Up

The few factors that you read are enough to differentiate the professional removalist services from DIY tasks. Use them as a reference and decide what works perfectly for you. Happy moving.

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