Discover Our In-Depth K9 Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment Process


Do you hate sighting bugs around you? Although bed bugs are hard to spot but once spotted, these bed bugs affect our normal day to day life. On average, we spend 8-10 hours of a day on bed and may experience ongoing and incessant bites, which make taking drastic measures a necessity. Although these bed bugs are not harmful, the irritation they can cause can impact our day to day lives.

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Traditionally, the human inspection was done to eliminate bed bugs, but these days K9 bed bug inspection to locate bedbugs has presented itself as a more reliable option. In this, trained dogs are used to sniff live bed bugs to eliminate them instantly. Identifying early signs of bedbug infestation would help to eliminate their growth as quickly as possible.

Why Dogs?

Dogs possess a strong sense of smell, which helps them detect bed bugs without causing any type of chaos. Unlike human inspectors, these dogs are more likely to spot bed bugs quickly and in a more reliable manner.

Some Facts about Bed Bugs

  • The average life span of bed bugs is around six months, but in some cases, they continue to exist for as long as one year.
  • These bugs can travel through conduits from one room to another and thrive in pipelines, AC’s, beds, and other such shady corners.
  • Bed bugs proliferate at a quick pace as female bugs lay can hatch as many as 250 eggs in her life, which increases their rate of evolution to a great extent.
  • These bedbugs shed exo-skeleton to prevent the penetration of chemicals in their body.

How Can We Help You? 

Bugs can be anywhere, on the couch you are sitting, on your bed, in your cupboard, or in any of the rooms. Beg bug infestation is quicker than you think, and so should be the treatment process. Our K9 bed bug inspection process is well devised to ensure cut off the growth rate of a bed bug.

  1. Our experience helps us approach the process in a more substantial way with extended accuracy. We ensure higher accuracy of around 98%as compared to human inspection, which offers only 18 to 30% accuracy.
  2. We take away your burden to make it stress-free for you. Our team has highly trained K9 bed bug inspection dogs and other treatments to take all effective measures to get it all eliminated.
  3. Reasonable treatment – Unlike other pest control companies, we limit our treatment process with the help of K9s. We do this by proper identification of infested areas. It not only saves money but also time to a great extent.

At Bed Bugs All Gone, we provide elaborated K9 bed bug inspection and treatment for bed bug nymphs and eggs and adult bed bugs for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings and apartments.

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