Different Types of Portable Smartphone Stands for Everyday Use


Smartphones are the multipurpose devices comprising countless possibilities that are yet to reveal. In order to utilize its complete potential, we need some peripheral devices. For instance, modern smartphones are coming with a split-screen feature so that you can conveniently multitask. Also, there are floating windows to reduce the size of playing videos. While sitting at home, office or driving the car, your smartphone needs stability. You may have seen a lot of smartphone stands in the market but their designs are confusing. While buying a model, always keep some factors in mind as we are mentioning below.  

1. Adequate stability 

Even your most expensive and fancy smartphone stand is useless if it is not providing adequate stability. While using multiple apps, watching a video or attending video conferencing, it needs to be stable. Make sure that you can place it horizontally and vertically stable. 

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2. Stronghold 

Your smartphone is an expensive gadget that contains a lot of valuable information. Check the cell phone stand for desk and car thoroughly to become sure about the stronghold. Especially when you are buying a smartphone holder for a car, consider its stronghold in priority. 

3. Damage protection 

Try to find a MOFT Phone Stand that is supporting your smartphone form all sides in order to protect from potential damage threats. 

4. Minimalistic design 

While seeking safety concerns, also pay attention to its overall look. The stand you are buying must be foldable and stealthy. 

Top trending smartphone stands 

1.Pop Socket 

The trend of pop sockets is getting viral nowadays because of their cute and stylish look. Mostly, girls prefer pop sockets due to their vibrant color patterns on the back. You can fix more than one pop socket on the back of a smartphone. They can pop-out and pop-in by pressing so that you can easily carry in the pocket. The pop socket sticks on your smartphone’s back pane with the help of adhesive which is easy to remove. 

2. Funny toys holder 

Just for fun, try some toys meant for holding your smartphone. They are available in multiple shapes such as a shark mouth, minions, angry birds, a hand or a football. Use this kind of phone stand for a desk but make sure that the edges are not covering your display from any side. 

3. Foldable flap 

Foldable desktop stands are highly trending nowadays because of their stylish minimalistic design. They work perfectly in both vertical and horizontal positions. If you are looking for a feasible stand to use in the office, consider it as the perfect option. Just like a pop socket, it sticks on the back panel. However, you will not get protection from edges or front. 

4. Car mount 

You can compromise with safety concerns while buying a cell phone stand for a desk but not for mounting on the car. The car mountable smartphone stands generally have a flexible extension and a hard casing to protect the phone while driving on uneven terrains.

5. Standing base smartphone holders 

If your smartphone is distracting while working, place it inside a standing base. These are the static smartphone holders meant for holding smartphones vertically. One can use basic functions like changing music track or see notifications but cannot chat or watch videos easily. 

The smartphone stands are gradually becoming the need of the hour because of our increasing dependency. Try to choose a model that can serve the purpose of safeguarding as well as stably holding too. For the best phone stand options, search the top trending manufacturers online.

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