Different Types of Massage Chairs Explained


Massage chairs are an extremely specialized variety of seating designed to produce several of the advantages of visiting a massage expert, whereas taking the expert out of the equation.

Even using leading-edge technology, the best possible massage chairs can’t contend with a skilled massage expert, however, they do provide a variety of compelling benefits, 1st among them being the sheer convenience of having the ability to relish a massage from the comfort of home, anytime, day or night.

As you’ll see, there is a shocking range of variations.

General Classifications of Massage Chairs
broadly speaking, there are 2 totally different sorts of massage chairs: skilled and Consumerist.

Professional Massage Chairs

Professional massage chairs are transportable massage chairs employed by therapists within the conduct of their business. Mostly, these sorts of massage medical aid chairs are used by personal, accredited practitioners World Health Organization get shrunk by space businesses to offer massages to their staff collectively of the “perks” of the task.

These chairs are emphatically old style and strictly purposeful, designed to offer the massager quick access to the neck, back, and shoulders of the consumer throughout the massage. They have an inclination to be nearly strictly purposeful and designed with solely marginal sustenance, like a soft headrest for the consumer.

Consumerist Massage Chairs

Where consumerist chairs are involved, these are often broken into 2 distinct groups: Therapeutic and amateur.

Therapeutic chairs tend to focus heavily on options designed to alleviate chronic pain, whereas amateur chairs tend to incorporate a lot of convenience options that attractiveness to users’ interests tastes, and preferences.

For example, a therapeutic chair would possibly embrace options like:

  • Inversion medical aid
  • Body Stretching (and/or Waist Twist and Hip Swing)
  • Heat
  • Deep Massage

While an amateur chair can focus a lot of on options like:

  • MP3 Support
  • Memory Slots that permit you to avoid wasting your favorite settings
  • LED lights (Chromotherapy)

And the like…

Therapeutic vs. amateur Massage chairs

obviously, there’s usually respectable overlap here. It’s common to search out massage chairs that slant heavily toward therapeutic options, whereas providing a handful of hobbyist-oriented options too and the other way around.

As a general rule, though, you’ll check out the options of any given chair and say that it favors one class over the opposite.

Hobbyist chairs are basically Renaissance man chairs. They’re sensible at relieving minor muscle tension and lowering a person’s stress level whereas providing cushy, reposeful expertise.

Therapeutic chairs tend to target addressing one or 2 specific issues, with specific feature sets slanted consequently.

For instance, a therapeutic massage chair centered on easing nerve pain can focus far more on providing a superb body part and leg massage, whereas a chair designed to alleviate chronic neck pain can clearly focus a lot of options within the space of the neck and shoulders.

This broad classification is instructive however has its limitations. To drill down a lot of deeply into this world, we ought to additional kind chairs by another classification.

Track style

There are 3 sorts of massage tracks in use today:

  • Fixed Frame
  • S-Track
  • Hybrid L/S-Track

This is a stark division. Each massage chair on the market nowadays is constructed around one amongst these frame sorts.

Fixed Frame

these were the terribly 1st massage chairs factory-made. The chairs are designed around oblong steel shut in the rear of the chair wherever massage rollers, massage balls, or fixed-position heads are mounted.

If there’s any movement in any respect, the massage mechanisms will solely move on the X- And coordinate axis, though in follow, most the chairs created with a set frame lately use solely stationary massage heads, thus there’s no movement in any respect.

The pressure points in your back either align with the heads, or they don’t. If they do, you’ll get an honest message. If not, your expertise is going to be sub-par.

You don’t realize several fixed-frame chairs purchasable lately, and after you do, they’re invariably at the intense low finish of the market. The smallest amount of pricey chairs, exploitation of the oldest (outdated) technology.


this is this trade commonplace. The S-Track could be a steel frame that’s bent in associate degree S-shape so it follows the natural curve of your body’s spine.

Mount rollers onto this frame, and they’ll move in 3 dimensions, adding the coordinate axis at the points wherever your spine curves.

S-Track massage chairs are the foremost usually seen on the market nowadays, and each major manufacturer has a minimum of a number of choices out there. They render high-quality massage expertise that starts at your neck and goes to the tiny of your back.

Hybrid L/S-Track

this is the foremost recent frame innovation, contemplate this to be associate degree S-Track on steroids.

The frame gets its name from its overall form, as a result of the track continues past the tiny of your back, hook-like beneath the seat to permit the rollers to massage your glutens and also the backs of your thighs.

These massage chairs usually accompany leg massage ports, extending the massage expertise right down to your calves, and generally even to your feet, supplying you with one thing nearer to a full body massage expertise.

Other ways that of Classifying differing kinds of Massage Chairs

even breaking the varied chairs on the market nowadays down by frame sort still doesn’t utterly clarify the image, thus we’ll dig deeper still.

In different articles on this subject, we’ve seen individuals attempt to break chairs down by specific options, thus you get things like:

  • Heated massage chairs
  • Zero-gravity massage chairs
  • Full body massage chairs
  • And so on…
  • Unfortunately, this isn’t very useful, as a result of specific options are simply that – features. they will be added to most any style.

Once in a very whereas, feature-based classifications are often helpful, typically in cases wherever a given feature is astoundingly rare, however principally it comes right down to “features” that are a lot of consciously created style selections.

Chairs Designed for giant and Tall Users

Most of the massage chairs sold-out nowadays are optimized for users starting from 5’ to regarding 6’1.” If you’re taller than that, chairs that are optimized for “regular-sized” individuals won’t render an honest message for you.

There are 2 reasons for this: 1st, the rollers land up touch the incorrect spots on your back. Second, if the massage chair in question has leg massage ports, they’re not designed to properly accommodate your long legs, so again, the rollers or air luggage are attending to be centered on all the incorrect spots.

Some massage chairs, but (about twenty-fifth of those on the market today) are designed with extendible ottomans that mechanically find your leg length and change consequently. These chairs can accommodate users up to 6’5”, looking on the manufacturer.

While most makers provide a minimum of one model designed with taller users in mind, Kahuna massage chairs get a special nod during this class, as a result of most of their models feature extendible ottomans, and they’ve even got one chair that’s bespoke for giant and tall users, the SM7300.

Inversion Chairs

While this can be technically a feature, it’s such a rare one that it deserves its own classification. In fact, there are solely a couple of massage chairs on the market nowadays that supply inversion medical aid. The simplest of the bunch is that the Daiwa heritage, however, there are a tiny low few different models that supply similar practicality.