Different treatments to stop snoring: Natural, Medical and Surgical

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While snoring has always been the topic of laughter among couples, friends, and family, we cannot disregard the threat it can cause on health. Based on researches, around 45% of the adults snore and 25% of the population is labelled as a persistent snorer. Therefore, to find effective snore solutions, either by natural remedies or consulting a doctor that is crucial to deal with this severe sleeping issue that affects relationships and health at the same time.

Natural snoring remedies:

Regardless to say, every individual tries to treat a health issue through natural ways during the initial phase. But if the severity increases and the health issue becomes out of control, taking the medical help becomes essential.  For the people who are not suffering from severe snoring problems, here are some effective natural ways to consider.

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  • Losing weight helps lessen the throat tissues to reduce airway blockage during sleep.
  • Reducing or eliminating the habit of smoking, and other similar sedatives help in minimizing the inflammation allowing easier breathing processes. Similarly, the decrease in alcohol consumption before bedtime prevents the nerve to relax, reducing the narrowness of the throat resulting in smooth inhale and exhale.
  • Elevating the head during sleep is a very effective way to create a magnificent space between the jaw and tongue. This opens the airway and lowers the snoring problem during sleep.
  • Sleeping on the side and not on the back is yet another productive medium to stop snoring.
  • One can also use a humidifier during sleep. Since dry air can also bother the throat tissues, it can cause swelling and blockage, thus, increased snoring sound.

Medical treatment or therapy:

When the severity of the health issue is at the peak, the natural remedies become ineffective and it is time to take the medical help for quick results. For the snorer suffering from severe breathing and sound issue, here are the solutions for snoring that you must note:

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  • Avoiding the throat muscles to relax prevents snoring sound. One can use oral appliances to keep the position of the lower jaw muscle and tongue in place without creating narrowness in the throat. Thus, it helps in the smooth flow of air preventing blockage and snoring concerns.
  • When the snoring sound is out of control, CPAP devices work wonders as these machine uses extra air pressure to keep the airway open that results in decreasing the obstructive breathing.
  • For people who suffer from snoring because of mouth breathing, a chin strap work efficiently to help them breathe through the nasal passage.

Surgical treatments:

Sometimes, the medical devices also take a back seat in giving effective and long-term results. Hence, during such times, doctors suggest surgery. Here are the options:

  • Implantation of Palatal: This surgery helps to stop snoring by implanting soft palate inside the throat that doesn’t fall to prevent blockage of the airway during sleep.
  • Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP): In this surgery, the shortening of the uvula (small tissue that hangs at the backside of the throat) takes place. This leads to no tissue vibration during the air inhalation or exhalation. Hence, there is a zero cause of snoring sound.
  • Somnoplasty: Like LAUP, heat is used to change the throat tissues around the soft palate and uvula to stop the snoring sound completely.

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