Different Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Are you ready to remodel your bathroom’s outdated design but spending almost $20,000 are million years away from what you have in your bank account? Here, I bring you good news: you don’t need to drop thousands of bucks from your bank account to remodel your bathroom design.

The bathroom is an important part of your house; it is the place where you can calm your sore nerves. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough budget to install new items in the bathroom. In this article, I have listed different ideas of remodeling the bathroom without busting your budget. Let’s dig in detail without wasting your time.

Use minimum tiles

Tiles are expensive, and it is not possible for everyone to change all the tiles in the bathroom. But there is surely a way to solve this problem. Try your best to use minimum tiles in your bathroom. For example, install one horizontal layer of tiles and paint the rest of the wall. Moreover, you can also use tiles only in your shower case.

Make little storage area

Having a spacious bathroom is a blessing that not all of us have. But you can still make the most out of your congested bathroom. You can make a little storage in your bathroom while redesigning it. And bet way to do this is to install a shelf above your toilet. You can use this place to organize your shampoos and other stuff.

Install a cabinet mirror

There is another easy to save space in your bathroom, and makes it look bigger is to install a cabinet mirror instead of a normal mirror. I know it does not feel right to see all your brushes and other necessary items scattered on your bathroom shelf. With a cabinet mirror, you can easily organize all your things without creating a mess.

Use acrylic sheets

Are you also tired of blocking the path of water coming to your toilet side? It is simply annoying that whenever you take a shower, water flood towards your basin area. I know glass shower doors are expensive, and it is difficult to find the right size. But acrylics sheets are the best alternative of glass ones. Acrylic sheets are not only more reliable, durable, and affordable, but it is also easy to customize them in any size.

A favorite place of roaches

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In the last,

Above, I have mentioned a few easy and affordable tricks to redesign your bathroom. Except above ides, you can also work on the bathroom’s fixtures, such as installing a new basin, work on the countertop, and cleaning grout & caulk.