Difference between Academic and Technical Writing


Academic and technical writing are between two types of writing between which a significant difference can be identified. Most people believe that a technical writer is actually an academic writer. This is, however, a misconception. Although both academic writing and technical writing require excellent writing skills, the main difference between these two types of writing is the audience and purpose of writing. 

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Academic writing is a form of writing that is used in academic subjects. On the other hand, technical writing is a form of writing that is mostly used in technical subjects. As you can see, the references to the two forms of writing are different from each other. Furthermore, the target audience for academic writing is mostly scholarly, but this is not the case with technical writing. Even an individual person can be the target audience. 

Through this article we should examine the differences between academic and technical writing.

What is academic writing?

Academic writing is a form of writing that is used in academic subjects, including both the natural sciences and the social sciences. Scholars use academic writing for several reasons. They can use it to present the findings of a new research or they can also use it to present a new approach. The intended audience of academic writing is usually scholars who belong to a particular discipline.

For academic writing, the author uses a special jargon. You can also look at inter-curricular, or cite previous works to support or oppose some arguments. Developing the ability to write academic articles is not an easy task, it requires extensive knowledge of the subject and excellent writing skills.

Difference between academic journal and periodical

The important difference is that when an academic article is written for a particular audience of experts in a discipline, not collectives. Through this article let us get a clear understanding of the difference between two words.

What is an educational journal?

An academic journal refers to the publication of academic articles of a particular discipline.

They are mostly used to present new research of a particular discipline. Academic journals can also be considered as periodically published journals. However, a notable difference between journals and academic journals stems from the fact that educational journals are not written for general audiences. On the contrary, it is written for a particular group of individuals, mainly experts of a discipline or other scholars. This is why academic journals are also known as scholarly journals.

Educational journals include articles written in an expert glossary. It usually includes references and insights into new findings, research and reviews. Educational journals can be found for most subjects in the natural and social sciences Now we move on to the understanding of journals.

What is a periodic?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary,

Refers to a periodical magazine published at regular intervals The very name journal is used because publication takes place from time to time. It can be weekly, monthly, annually etc. When it comes to magazines, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, scholarly journals, all fall under the category of magazines. 

Magazines can be written for a general audience or for experts. It is periodically distinct. When an occasional is written for an expert or academics, these are known as academic journals. 

The topics can be made very resourceful as they provide information to the reader on a particular subject. Therefore, the reader does not have to go through many books and can find information on a subject in one place. While also considering newspapers as magazines, readers can get information about the events that took place recently. This is one of the reasons why researchers use journals. 

Academic journals are written for a particular audience. Periodic

Occasional magazines are written for general journalists.

Educational Journal:

Academic journals have been written to present new research. Periodicals: Periodicals have been written to provide information.

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They provide londonlenders researchers with relevant and current information. Another reason why researchers prefer the periodical to the book is that the magazines have a direct focus. For example, if it is about refugee children, as opposed to a book, which is a periodical Focuses are not so. It is brief and specific