Diamond Rings- Our Never-ending Fascinations

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings- Our Never-ending Fascinations

Colourless, abundant, and transparent- diamonds are one of the most magnetic materials in the world that no person can resist. Diamonds play a massive role in the jewellery industry and are among the most sought-after gemstones in the world. There are many diamond jewellery styles out there, and when it comes to diamond rings, there are simply too many options to choose from! 

Diamond Ring Designs 

Whether it’s your first-time diamond ring purchase, an engagement ring, or simply a gift for a loved one, these designs can help you choose the right piece:

1.Prong Setting

The most classic and everyday diamond ring design is the Prong setting (sometimes called the solitaire setting). The metal claw that holds the diamond in place tightly is called the prong, and these can be flat, pointed, round, or V-shaped. The benefit of this setting is that the presence of the metal in the ring would be lesser, allowing you to show off that extra sparkle!

2.Bezel Setting

The Bezel setting is perfect for the ones looking for a modern styled diamond ring design that suits their active lifestyle. In this setting, the metal encircles the centre stone with a thin metal rim to hold the diamond in place. For its durability and contemporary touch, the bezel setting is the second most popular diamond ring design.

3.Tension Setting

In this type of setting, the diamond is held in place by the tension of the metal band, and the result would be a diamond that appears to be placed between two sides of the shank. This diamond ring design does not fail to provide a stylish and sleek look and offers a unique appearance. 

4.Channel Setting

If you want to make your diamond ring look like it was taken out of a magical fairytale, then go for the Channel Setting. The ring will have a larger centre diamond that is held either by a metal rim or in the prong setting, while the band holds smaller diamonds all around. These extra stones will only enhance the sparkle of the diamond ring. However, the addition of the additional stones may increase the diamond ring price altogether.

5.Eternity Band

This is not exactly a setting but is instead a style of band that is perfect for gifting on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and even as an engagement ring. The band has an array of sparkling diamonds that circles the entire finger. It is available in the channel, prong, flush, and bezel settings, but based on the setting, your diamond ring price would vary.

6.Flush Setting

The flush setting, also called the gipsy setting, places the diamond inside a drilled hole in the material of the ring in a way that the stone sits “flush” with the ring. This is a popular choice for wedding bands, especially in the men’s diamond ring design collection, since the diamond sits more securely and provides a subtler look. This is also an excellent option for those who work a lot with their hands. 

The setting of your ring is the foundation of the entire diamond ring design, and you can choose one that suits your preferences, personal styles, and lifestyles!