Dental implants: Everything you need to Know


The dental implant is the process of implanting ‘artificial tooth root’ to grow new teeth. Dental implants are generally made of titanium. Dental implants Edgware is very common these days because they have a success rate of about 98%. Dentist Edgware offers dental implants with a success rate of 100%. This treatment requires specialization and experience. This article is very useful for you if you are planning to get a dental implant.

Reasons for getting a Dental Implant:

  • If you are missing a tooth then the tooth next to it may get delocalized to fill the empty position. To prevent this you need to have a dental implant.
  • When there is no root of the missing root the jawbone shrinks making you look older.
  • Your smile can get damaged because of your missing tooth. It may result in a lack of self-confidence.
  • A dental implant is surgery and the tooth looks natural after a dental implant. That’s why it is a good solution for missing teeth.
  • This is the most secure and natural method for tooth replacement as the artificial tooth looks like a natural one.

Some factors you must consider before getting a dental implant:

  • Location of the missing tooth or teeth: You must be clear about the location of your missing tooth or teeth. It is important so that dentists can analyze whether a dental implant can take place or not.
  • Quality and quantity of the jawbone: It is very important to know the quality and quantity of the jaw bone. It is important where you required a dental implant.
  • The health of the patient: Dentist Edgware checks the health of the patient before the dental implant. They say it is important to know whether the patient can have a dental implant or not.
  • Patient Preference: A dentist must ask the patient whether he would prefer a dental implant. They must tell their patient all the available options and let the patient decide what they want.

How to maintain Dental Implants?

The first most important step towards maintaining your dental implants is that you should visit your dentist regularly. Your dental implants must be checked regularly. To maintain a good lifestyle of your dental implant it is important to clean them regularly. Dental implants Edgware looks like your natural teeth only. You can clean them with normal brushing but since they are artificial they need extra care. This is because the material of the artificial teeth is very different from that of our natural teeth. So, food particles may stick to dental implants. To clean them you may use water flossers, rubber-tipped simulators, and special brushes for cleaning implants. You must have professional dental implant cleaning also within fixed periods. After your dental implant, you must take care of your food habits too. Try to eat food that contains less acid, softer foods, and foods rich in nutrients. You may experience some symptoms like pain and bleeding after your dental implants. This is yet normal and there is no need of worrying at all. Just take care of your food habits, take rest, and follow the instructions of your dentist.


Dental implant surgery is very common these days in Edgware. You can get dental implants Edgware easily and affordable prices. Many dentists Edgware have different offers and are experienced in this field. You can consult your dentist before getting dental implants. You should be 100% sure that if you want it or not. It has its advantages. A dental implant can bring back your natural smile and will help you to gain your confidence again.