Decoration Do’s: The Design Principles You Need To Know


Interior decoration is actually a well-thought combination of multiple factors. While multiple things add up to make great home design, some of them are very critical and may prove to be made or break factors. Proportion is one of these key factors. A room or space appears right when proportions are considered carefully. Therefore, in addition to quality furniture Melbourne to Sydney, it is necessary to pay attention to the space around it and create a floor plan according to proportion and scale. Furniture and accessories with appropriate size and scale will make a space look compelling and spacious. Here are some basic design principles to help you in keeping the proportion of a space right and create an impactful interior design:

  • While adding furniture and accessories to space, it should be made sure that these objects are of different styles, colour, and height. The presence of similar objects will make a room look dull, static, and cumbersome. In case your furniture items are almost similar to each other, the addition of a tall floor lamp that appears unique in terms of size will be a good idea. It will draw attention and add visual interest to the room. Similarly, you can add a tall bookcase or cabinet. Side tables can be another option. There are a variety of things that you can choose to create visual contrast and perfect use of proportion.
  • Furnishing and designing a room is way more than just placing a furniture set and accessories. Of course, these items are essential to home design, however, overlooking the concept of proportion will make even the best of items look dull. You need to consider the proportion between the objects and their proportion with space as well. Keeping the proportions right will help you in creating a design that appears and feels good. A proportional room design will go easy on your eyes and help you in making your space look comfy and inviting.
  • One of the best ways to figure out whether a stand out an item like a bed, large sofa, or a dining table will be a fit to your space is scaling it and creating a basic simple, to-scale sketch. Include the basic floor plan in your mind in the sketch as well to get an idea of whether the large item you are looking to place in the room. If the sketch looks good with plenty of space available then you are good to go and carry out the floor plan.
  • The living room is the busiest place in your home, it should be designed carefully. Open-plan spaces can be a bit more challenging while creating a living room design. You need to figure out the availability of space while incorporating all the items that you are planning to place in your living room including the TV display, home theatre system, accessories, and furniture items. You should also check whether the sofa or seating in your living room is at an appropriate distance from the TV screen. This will be good for viewing comfort, another thing you should consider is the vertical distance of the screen from the floor level. The center of the screen should be at least 1m from the floor.