Debunking the Most Common Myths That Excel Users Typically Hear

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For over 30 years Excel has solved many real-world problems. Only people lacking basic Excel skills claim it’s antiquated software. Avid Excel users can attest that’s a myth.

And it’s not the only misconception about Excel floating around. Let’s look at some of the common myths Excel users typically hear.

Excel Is Only for Creating Spreadsheets

Yes, Excel users primarily create spreadsheets. The Excel skills of some people limit them to only creating spreadsheets. But the benefits of Excel go far beyond that.

In Excel, you can easily create charts and graphs. The compatibility of Excel with other Microsoft programs allows you to embed objects. This way you can create beautiful presentations in Word and PowerPoint.

Excel Is Too Difficult to Learn

Excel isn’t the easiest program to use but it’s far from difficult. Many people may find Excel’s formulas intimidating. But breaking down some of the best Excel formulas would reveal their simplicity.

Continue using Excel long enough and you’ll see. What you consider difficult now may become fundamental. Before long you’ll have a C# read Excel file.

Excel Is Flawed

Think of glitches in Excel as “user errors.” Excel performs functions keyed in by a user. Garbage in creates garbage out.

In Excel, the program highlights an error in a failed formula. Excel also has a catalog of helpful tips and tricks you can use. Excel may not seem perfect to you but it’s not flawed either.

Excel Is for Business

Excel business users rely on the program a lot but they’re not the only ones. Excel helps streamline many processes that used to need many skill sets.

Having a basic understanding of Excel may help you at home, as well. Excel makes it easier to budget personal finances and track bills.

Also, if you’re a fan of Sudoku you should appreciate Excel’s capabilities. It’s a great tool for creating Sudoku grids and formulating solvers. You don’t consider that business information, do you?

Excel Users Need Math Skills

The best Excel functions remove the need for you to have high-level math skills. Once you learn the art of Excel formulas, you can use them to do the math for you.

The more complicated Excel functions assist those with advanced math skills. They can perform statistical analyses and other complicated data reports. But everyone can get by in Excel with basic math abilities.

Excel Is Outdated

Believing that keeps you from learning a powerful tool that’ll remain in use for another 30 years. That’s an exaggeration but it’s safe to say Excel’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Right now nothing matches the ease of Excel for both novice users and professionals.

Matter of fact, each Excel upgrade introduces more functions. Or it improves the simplicity of existing ones.

Debunking Myths About Excel

Don’t believe everything you hear. Excel users consider the software a lifesaver for many reasons. Taking the time to learn Excel could help streamline much of what you do today.

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