Damaged, Dropped Or Broken Mobile Phone

Damaged, Dropped Or Broken Mobile Phone

You may have noticed that there is a wide range of mobile phones available for all budgets and requirements. They start from as little as $ 30 for high-end Blackberry phones and PDAs that cost hundreds of pounds. Since the best and most desirable phones are very expensive, it is not common to buy them directly, but to have them in a contract for 12 or 18 months. In reality, in the long run, this can result in a far cheaper form of phone ownership.

However, what would happen to your contract mobile phone if it is damaged or lost?

Do you think the store would give you another one? Do you think the contract would stop and you shouldn’t pay because you didn’t use the phone?

If you do not have cell phone insurance, you may have to pay a large bill to repair the phone (if possible) or go out and have to buy a new one to replace it.

Damaged, Dropped Or Broken Mobile Phone

Experience has shown that most phones fail in very similar ways, which generally makes the phone totally useless.

LCD CRACKED – This is usually because the phone is lost or twisted (inside pocket, etc.)
DAMAGE TO WATER: This is very common and can be caused by dropping the phone in a puddle, down the toilet or even half a beer get it fixed from http://ifixitright.net.
These types of errors are VERY common and can be a nightmare if the phone is uninsured.
If the LCD screen cracks, depending on the make and model, the LCD screen can theoretically be replaced. But some of the newer double-sided screens are VERY expensive to buy, and when you add repair tax and sales tax to the repair, you could end up with a significant bill.

If the phone is water damaged, this is very serious – you need a specialized insurance policy to cover this problem as most do not cover the phone’s LIQUID DAMAGE. (When the phone is contaminated with liquid, a corrosion process begins on the circuit board and surface mount electronics.) When corrosion is present, the mobile phone is unlikely to function properly again. Although there are companies and methods to “clean up” corrosion, the service is not guaranteed because it generally does not provide lasting repair. The only solution is to replace the entire circuit board and this will usually remove the phone due to the high costs associated with it.

Remember that accidents can and will happen, but with reasonable precautions, your cell phone will give you security, safety and will be your faithful friend.