Customise Your Home With Made To Order Furniture

made to order furniture melbourne

Bring customised Nordic design into your home with made to order furniture Melbourne range. Nordic furniture is world-renowned for its simple silhouettes, clean lines and responsibly sourced materials. These are artisanal products built specifically for your home, so no two are ever alike. You can change everything from the length to the depth to the dimensions to the colour, so your timeless piece is structured to fit your home perfectly. With made to order furniture you can avoid the pitfalls of fast manufacturing in favour of something custom made and truly bespoke. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect piece of furniture only to discover it doesn’t quite fit your room. In contrast, made to order furniture is tailored just to you. This way you can combine the beauty of our Nordic style to your own specifications through high-quality local craftsmanship. We will look at the top perks of custom furniture and our favourite pieces to match!

High quality

As the name suggestions, made to order furniture doesn’t come from a factory line. Someone has put time and care into handcrafting your furniture from high-quality responsibly sourced materials. Not only is this an eco-friendly alternative to “fast” manufacturing, but it also gives you the reassurance of high quality. Your furniture will benefit from the expertise of a local craftsman who ensures the materials and dimensions match your specifications.

The Maes Desk is a timeless style built to be configured to any length of depth. Made in Melbourne from sustainable eco pine from Melbourne, this piece embodies the quality and charm of custom made furniture.


Made to order furniture reflects your personal taste. It also responds to the dimensions of your living space, fitting perfectly into a window or an outdoor living area – the options are endless! You can borrow the sensibility of a designer you love while customising your furniture so no one else has anything like it. Whether you want an oversized table or petite reading chair, made to order allows you to express your uniqueness.

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For something really different an indoor swing will bring smiles to your living space. This Daisy Double Swing is built to last and made from the marine reinforced rope for extra safety. The rope is available in a choice of black or white, while the seat can be customised in a range of neutral tones.


Being able to customise the dimensions of your furniture means it can be made for optimum functionality. If you can never find the right shelving, or a bar table suitable for all your kitchen accessories, then made to order allows you to tweak the details with functionality in mind. Your home space will flow more smoothly and feel more effortless when everything “works” to your liking.

We think the April Indoor / Outdoor Table was designed with high functionality in mind. This long robust table has durable wide legs and soft rounded edges perfect for chaotic family dinners. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, this table will become a gathering point.

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