How To Clean And Polish The Custom Leather Shoes?

 custom leather shoes

Good quality handmade leather shoes for men can last for a very long time if you clean them properly. The leather requires regular cleaning and polish to avoid any sort of cracks on the shoes. It is also important to retain their waterproof features. Therefore, we would recommend you schedule the cleaning every two to four weeks. In this article, we have mentioned all the right techniques to use to clean leather shoes.

Things You Need To Clean the Shoes

The following things are required to clean the shoes made with normal leather material. However, if you have suede or nubuck shoes, it is better to read the instructions from the manufacturers.

A cleaning brush

It is required to get rid of the upper layer of dirt and debris.

Special brush

An extra set of special brushes will be needed to apply the Combi Foam.

Combi Foam

It is used with the combination of the special brush to get rid of all the stains caused by water and stains.


This will be required for the shoe to make it shine and bring out its color again.

Protector spray 

This is an essential cleaning product for handmade leather shoes for men. It provides the required protection against rain and dust. And lastly, you’ll need a shoe cloth for a quick clean.

In addition to these, there are some other at-home techniques you can use. This includes a mixture of soap and water. However, they won’t be effective if the stains and marks are old and tough.

Instructions to Clean the Custom Leather Shoes At Home

Wait! Before you start cleaning, protect the floor with either a towel or newspaper to avoid stains. This will make the process easier. Once you are set, it’s time to start cleaning.

Remove Laces

Firstly, remove the laces from your handmade men’s shoes. It will prevent them from getting dirty. If you want to clean them, do it separately.

Brush-Off the Excess

The next step is to remove the debris and dirt. It can affect the fibers of the leather. Therefore, use a clean brush to thoroughly remove them. Don’t forget about the scrapes while cleaning. It will protect against the damage. The leather shoe experts like IBEX Shoes, recommend dusting the dirt every time you are wearing them.

Use Soap Mixture for Stubborn Stains

Make a mixture of soap and water. Then, dip a brush or a soft cloth in the mixture. Wipe the exterior of the shoe with it. However, be careful and don’t wet the leather too much. It is better to repeat the process several times with less mixture rather than soaking the shoe with it.

The safe way to use this mixture is to dab it on the stain. If it doesn’t go away, slightly rub the stain with the cloth. But, don’t be too harsh. Once the stain is removed, wipe the soap away with a clean and dry cloth.

These are some of the ways to properly clean your expensive custom leather shoes. This way, they will not get damaged and will last a lot longer.