Custom Candle boxes – 6 Advantages of keeping Candles in Box


Igniting a combination of soothing feelings in us, candles are a symbol of love, passion, and an all-around homey feel. They light up our lives on special occasions, from birthdays to Christmas to nights where we want to make our dinners exclusive and personal. Made from wax, there is a variety of shapes, sizes, and even scents available in each type of candle; however, the preservation of their delicacy is a question of importance. Packaging plays just as important a role as manufacturing and this is where the need for candle boxes emerges to the surface.

Types of wholesale candle boxes:

Packaging today is vast and competitive and finding the right type of boxes for your candles can be a game-changer. There are many types of boxes available some of which are listed below.

Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard is a commonly used material for packaging as it is sturdy and has a high potential for customization. It is also very cost-effective and can easily be found in wholesale markets.

Glass jars:

Preferred for gifts that represent elegance and style, glass is perfect for custom candle boxes as it keeps the wax intact and provides a chic look with the reflected flame whenever the candle is lighted.

Window boxes:

If you want to attract your customers by giving them a glance at the product you’ve proudly introduced, custom window boxes are the way to go. Featuring display and flaunting your candles, these boxes have an advantage over other types.

Kraft paper boxes:

If you’re looking for wholesale candle boxes that are highly cost-effective as well as eco-friendly, Kraft paper boxes are the most easily available choice, perfect for the safety of your candles. Printing and graphics can be done to improve the appeal and attraction of these custom candle boxes.

Metal boxes:

These are also preferred by customers these days because they give an ethereal look and can be made very striking with adequate graphic designs and customization.

6 advantages of keeping candles inboxes:

Apart from sale purposes, candles themselves are very delicate and need to be kept in proper packaging for various purposes.

-Safety and preservation

Boxes will keep the candles safe from external interference, both organismic and environmental. To keep them safe and protected from environmental factors like heat, dryness, or humidity, metal or cardboard boxes come in handy. Heat and humidity can affect the candles and cause melting and wasting of the candles, due to which they need to be kept safe away from direct sunlight and inflow of water or dampness into the boxes.

Conservation of the scent

Candles were one of the earliest solutions to the darkness that mankind came up with. However, nowadays, they are used more for décor purposes and to add extra glamour to special events. An exciting feature added to the candles to enhance this purpose is the scent. From tropical to flowery, a range of scents is now added to candles which gives them a more homey touch and adds greatly to the aspect of customer attraction.

However, conserving these scents is a perplexing task which can be achieved by good quality candle boxes best suited to preserve the fragrance. Glass is the most commonly used packaging for scented candles as it not only safeguards but also enhances the scent incorporated into the candle so you and your customer can savor every bit of the scent that calms down your nerves!

Fire safety

Since the basic purpose of candles is burning, it is important to keep in mind the precautions that must be taken to avoid setting the surroundings on fire. If candles are kept around flammable objects and are lit by something unintentionally, they are likely to cause the objects around to be lit as well and before you know it; your whole world is coming down in flames. Both metal and glass boxes can prevent this from happening, rendering an undeniable advantage of keeping candles packed in boxes. If they don’t catch fire they won’t spread the fire.

Boxes are safe from deterioration

Transfer of the products from the factory to retail markets can cause damage and deformation of the candles if they are not safely packed in strong and stable boxes. The candles can waste but since boxes are safe from distortion, withering, or warping, they are definite to keep the candles inside safe from all of these things as well. Accidents are inevitable and common and can happen anywhere, anytime. Boxes will take the damage head-first, and the packaging will still keep the candles inside the box safe in case of unfortunate events.

Maintenance of the delicacy of the candles

Oftentimes, beauty is associated with fragility and delicacy and how intricately a product is made. There is no exception for candles either, the more beautiful it is, the more delicate it is. However, fragility is more subjected to damage for obvious reasons. Since candle wax is soft, it can be damaged even from minor things like paper cuts or extra pressure. Boxes ensure that not only are the candles safe from these factors but also if a particularly shaped mold is used, the box will keep the shape intact and maintain the delicate look.

A boost in the lifespan

Safe from extreme conditions of the environment, unfortunate accidental occurrences, and all kinds of imposed damage, candle boxes prolong the shelf life of the candles.