Creative Ways to Style a Red Evening Gown


A striking red dress is always going to look drop-dead gorgeous, this piece is a total classic and the shade is absolutely not going anywhere anytime soon. Once you’ve got one of these bad boys in your wardrobe, it can be tempting to let your dress steal the show and downplay the rest of your outfit every time you wear it, and really, who can blame you? However, sometimes you do want to mix it up a little and get something different out of that frock of yours. But how, you ask? Read on for a couple of creative styling ideas to reinvent your red dress over and over again, for all those special occasions on your calendar…

Monochrome Tone

Monochromatic dressing has been a long-time favourite of some of the world’s chicest women, and it’s clear to see why! This method of dressing looks so high end and classy, meaning it’s ideal for your next formal cocktail party or work event. Start with a pair of russet, pale red toned velvet or suede block heels, next grab a matching textured clutch bag in a warm raspberry hue. Choose a shawl in a deep burgundy colour and swipe on some wine toned lipstick. You’ll look outrageously elegant and really stand out from the crowd with this one, ladies!

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Ladylike Contrast

Contrasting colours looks fabulous, although, red can be a tricky one to navigate, right? Wrong! Enter red’s new best friend – baby pink! This is a match made in fashion heaven. Bright, blue undertone red matched with a soft, feminine baby pink honestly looks so breathtaking and it’s dreamy for any formal or wedding outfit. Grab a pastel pink leather clutch, add a pair of pointed-toe kitten heel mules to match and swipe on the pretty pink eyeshadow. Pull your hair into a messy bun and add a gorgeous pink ribbon to finish off the sweet yet stylish get-up.

Colour Block Chic

A little colour blocking goes a long way, and your evening outfit is the perfect place to get playful with it! First things first, you should establish a bit of a colour palette for yourself (yes, this sounds extra, but it will come in handy – promise!). Some great ideas include red, pink and orange, red, burgundy and navy, or red, cream and gold. Use the three tones that you choose for your accessories, shoes and makeup. This is a creative and seriously fresh, contemporary look.

Boho Babe

Your red dress is the perfect basis for a beautiful boho evening outfit! Establish a cool, earthy aesthetic by grabbing a pair of chunky woven platform shoes and a macramé clutch bag. Drape as many dainty gold chain necklaces in different lengths around your neck as you can and add a pair of statement gold hoops to match. A cream-toned crochet shawl, stacks of resin bangles and a whimsical loose braid, and that’s about it! Your ever-so-stylish boho babe look in a matter of minutes!

90s Vibe

If you’ve got a slip or strappy cut red dress, then you need to stop what you’re doing, and it style it straight back to the 90s right now! Twist your hair into space buns, add a chunky gold choker, grab a micro-mini cream-toned satin clutch bag and slip into some low-heeled cream mules. You’ll look so on-trend and unique!

See, beautiful red dresses are far more versatile than you might think! With so much potential, this style is definitely one to invest in if you don’t have one hiding in your wardrobe already.

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