Corruption Laws To Acquire A Bribery Free Nation


Law was created in order to prevent the criminal acts and make the people to live under certain life circumstances. There is no common law for the people all over the world. The act that is considered to be offense in one country will be not be judged as offense in another country. Thus, based on the life style that they need various countries designed the law accordingly. In this modern world, corruption is surviving in every field. Corruption laws were established in order to prevent the people from doing corruption activities.

In olden days, people felt very much satisfied with what they have. But as the days were advancing there were more problems then before, like bankruptcy lawyers weren’t so much popular back then but now without them it is impossible to handle such things. Only the kings fought among themselves to capture other nations. Thus, the rate of corruption was very less over the olden period and at the same time corruption laws were followed by them strictly. But, now, people are not feeling satisfied with the money and property they have and they are ready to do whatever, in order to just earn the money. Money is covering the eyes of people and tuning them in a wrong way to perform all criminal activities. Even the corruption laws are available to control them, it is not affecting them.

Even strong laws are there, law enforcement corruption is occurring all over the world. People started to think cleverly on how to use the law in favor to them. For this, they are doing separate criminal research and accordingly, they are planning and performing the corruption tricks. Generally, people, who go against the law, will be arrested under certain acts in the jail. Then, they will be taken to the court and based on the argument between the criminal’s lawyer and the opponent lawyer the judge will provide the final decision, by taking the argument and the witness into an account.

Even if the person has done criminal act, he can able to escape from the criminal cases, if he has enough source and the great criminal lawyer to argue for him in the court. Due to corruption laws , in many situations, people who have not done any crime activity will be arrested and kept in jail and also get the final result from the judge against them. The reason is people, who are scheduling to perform the counterfeit activity will sketch well and seize the innocent ducks in the cases. For court, witness is very important and since the witness will be created against them, they will be captured under trouble.

In order to avoid the arrest, people will approach the higher officials of Police department and the political VIP’s to relive them from the cases. If the higher officials perform this job, criminal will provide the gifts to them in form of money or land or jewel. This act is said to be Bribery and people, who carry out this activity will be arrested under the Bribery law.

Law enforcement corruption is increasing day by day. The reason is in order to escape from the police case people will kill the either police or give bribe to them. Giving bribe and getting bribe is offense in almost all countries. Corruption laws are severe in various countries and in those countries the crime rate will be less when compared to other countries.

In few countries the law, which was formed in the olden days were not rewritten according to this generation. Thus, there is Corruption in law, which people are using beneficially and doing crime perfectly. If bribery law turns to be strong, higher officials will get fear to obtain the bribe from the criminals and they will carry out their job correctly. If the higher officials stop supporting the counterfeit people, criminals will panic and they will not get guts to undergo any illegal activity.

Nowadays, people who involve in fraudulence run away from the police arrest over countries. In order to capture those people, foreign corrupt act was generated. Under this law, higher officials should prevent those kinds of frauds from escaping. But, due to the Corruption in law, people are fleeing with the full support of the higher authorities.

According to the foreign corrupt act, if the criminal is arrested by the foreign police for the illegal activity that he executed in his nation, he will be sent to police of respective country. People who are carrying out the illicit activities are earning the money in a very short period. Using that money they are fascinating the people, who are in higher position to support them and their illegal activities. Thus, Corruption laws are not distressing them and they are roaming in this world freely as like the respectable people.

Due to few dishonest higher officers, fraudulence is treated with great respect in the nation than the respectable people, who are living descent life. Corruption laws should be in such a manner that, everyone should feel dread to do the illegal activities. If punishments become severe under the Corruption laws, corruption rate will start to decrease and thus it is possible to have pleasure in the corruption free world. If it happens, human kindness will spread all over the world and the curiosity towards the money will to come to an end.