Content Marketing Is The Need Of The Hour

need of content marketing

Who doesn’t like a good story? Since ages we humans have a knack for a good narrative and stories connect us. Content marketing is nothing less than good storytelling wherein the businesses get to tell a story in a crisp narrative giving the desired message and information regarding the goods or services. Behind Relevant and valuable content has always made the business stay ahead in competition.

What does content marketing mean?

As marketing strategist, Lee Odden puts it, “Content is the reason search began at the first place.” Content marketing is, as defined by Content Marketing Institute, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” It is basically strategies used to create and deploy original, relevant and valuable content online with the purpose of driving maximum traffic to the website. And evidently, once the website gains the attention it requires, playing with the numbers and strategies becomes more easy.

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According to Neilsen’s global survey, the internet has a great influence on consumers interested in buying new products in several categories. According to this research a large percentage of consumers are influenced by the internet in buying electronics (81%), appliances (77%), books (70%), music (69%), food and beverages (62%), personal hygiene (62%), personal health/over-the-counter medicines (61%), hair care (60%), clothing (69%), cars (68%). Hence it is quite evident that all these categories would certainly engage the utmost level of competition, as one category can have number of products giving the same, or even better, service.

Now the question is, in such a competitive market, how does one makes sure that the said brand’s content stands out?

Any successful endeavour needs concrete planning to gain success. More so, when the audience is diverse.

Set up a goal: Setting a particular target helps to stay focused and reaching the final target becomes more systematic. Hence it is advisable to first chalk out the strategic aim of what needs to be included in the content which would elevate the brand’s presence in the market.

Recognise the target audience: No business can work without its consumers. And a market has numerous kinds of customers who has different priorities and needs according to age, gender, demography, education or income. Hence, a thorough market research is a must where the content’s target audience is clearly defined. Marketers can undertake a survey to identify the needs of the target audience and create relevant and valuable content accordingly. Over all, creating the buyer’s persona would help tailor the content to great extent.

Generate ideas through brainstorming: Ideas, especially innovative ones, are always generated through intense brainstorming sessions. One can keep experimenting and testing as options to get new concepts instead of going by other several sources of information. Personally verifying facts is always better as market trends keep changing and one needs to be updated to know the present needs or trends. Also creative risks sometimes make a content become unique. It is always better to go for out of the box ideas for enhancing the content.

Keep it simple, precise and true to the brand: In today’s fast moving world content has to have a simple approach and give away precise information, keeping true to the brand. One of best examples is that of the Apple commercials which are known for their simple approach. One such recent apple ad not just shows the quality of the camera but also focuses on the fact that the consumers can edit their videos right there on the same device and get an extraordinary result. It very tactfully shows the entire commercial as the final result of the device and does not reiterate any facts that the consumers already know.

Determine the type of content: Content marketing can be of various kinds like blog posts, e-books, case studies, templates, infographics, videos, podcasts, social media, podcasts, surveys, email newsletters and many more. It is important that while deciding the type, one must find out the ongoing trend that is being followed by the competitors and make the content accordingly. Diverse content can also help in generating traffic.

Establish KPI: KPI or Key Performance Indicator helps in quantifying the success of the content created. KPIs can measure the performance in terms of traffic, revenue, sales and other aspects of social media metrics and steer the content towards greater success.

Publish the content and measure the performance: This is the moment of truth where the creatives are deployed in the market after some rigorous work and wait for the results. Use as many platforms to experiment and measure the performance using Google Analytics and Social Media Insights.

Why do brands go for content marketing?

According to LYFE MARKETING survey, 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles than ads and 70% believe that organisations providing custom content are interested in building good relationship with them.

One can therefore say that content marketing is becoming the best approach to attract and convert consumers.

Let’s look at what content marketing gives to a business:

Builds up brand reputation through trust:  Content becomes a reflection of what a brand stands for. It’s like a face of your product which needs to stand out to attract more consumers. The more value the content provides the easier it will be to engage customers and build trust as they would start taking the brand seriously. Hence the conversion rate becomes higher as more buyers flock on your website. Hubspot claims that inbound marketers are able to double the average site conversion rate from 6% to 12% due to their content marketing efforts. Also according to Curata, for 74% of companies surveyed, content marketing increased their marketing leads, both in quantity and quality.

Useful content works best for SEO: When talking about content relevancy, people always appreciate useful information. When a phrase or question is typed on Google, it searches the most relevant information available online instead of spam contents. The content should answer correctly to the question typed. Search engine data is ever changing, hence updating content and being prompt always works for a website.

Create useful leads but at a lower cost: According to DemandMetric, though content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional marketing tactics, it generates about 3 times as many leads. Leads are always important for growing business and great content can help generate it efficiently. So as mentioned before, while creating content, target market needs should be kept in mind; after all who does not like a relevant content. In no time, businesses can go viral on different social media platforms shared by the viewer.

Be ahead in the completion: Online marketing is a raging trend and one might find numerous ads of the same product. A good content will set the particular website ahead and give consumers more relatable information, resulting in more traffic conversions on the website, which in the long run, increases the revenue.

Building page authority through Backlinking: Any website needs to struggle for its ranking space. A search engine goes through thousands of websites to give the best information. And it examines links between websites, which helps in identifying sites that are popular, trustworthy or relevant. Backlinking is one such criteria the search engines use to rank your site. If some main sites are linking to a particular website, more people will visit the site through those links thus increasing page authority.

The current phrase used by most marketers “Content is King”, is definitely one true fact as a major chunk of consumers can be gained through a tactful and well written narrative. If the content caters to the need of the audience, business will flourish naturally. Most ad agencies in Delhi are trying to get this aspect right and draw traffic to their clients’ websites.

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