Company Branded T-shirts & Employee Engagement, Is There a Connection?


Company Branded Tshirts & Employee Engagement. Is there a connection?Your company culture is essential. Period

Past few years, a majority of the companies have decided to build an influential company culture only to see marvelous results not only in the productivity of the company but a spiked rise in the sales and profits as well. Undoubtedly, an influential company culture calls for robust employee engagement. Many studies have proved that strong company culture is way too fruitful for the business. Here are some statistics to help you:

  • The companies with an established company culture have a turnover rate of 13.9% as compared to 48.4% at those companies which do not have an influential company culture.
  • Employees’ overall rating concerning their collaboration, teamwork, mission, and value alignment is 20% in such companies.

Looking at these statistics, companies have started spending on branded merchandise to boost the morale of the employees and ensure that employee engagement increases with the company in the future. Amongst all the other personalized merchandise, custom t-shirts are always appreciated. Other things may or may not interest them, but a comfy custom t-shirt is still welcome in the wardrobe.

Given the importance of branded merchandise and their popularity, here are the benefits of handing over custom t-shirts to your employees: 

Company Branded Tshirts & Employee Engagement. Is there a connection?

It Enhances your Employer Brand

Undoubtedly, company-branded t-shirts help the employer in enhancing the brand. Imagine where your employees come to work wearing custom t-shirts; not only are they proud to be a part of your organization, but they are also letting the people on the street know about your organization and brand. When your employees wear company branded t-shirts, it strengthens the culture and attracts top talent from the market.

Goodie to welcome new Employees

You just recruited a new employee. You need to ensure that you make him or her comfortable, and try that he is not feeling left out in his new team. Handover a company t-shirt, and you are sorted. The employee knows which group he belongs to, and the other teams also start recognizing the new entrant as a part of the team and the organization. These company-branded goodies act as an excellent alibi to welcome the new employee to the organization.

Help the staff step in a new role

Similar to what we said earlier, company-branded t-shirts help the employees step into their new position. When people change jobs, the most challenging task is to mix and blend in the new company culture. Your company-branded t-shirt will help your new employees understand your culture, and will help them work cohesively. As soon as the new employee put on the t-shirt, he feels the pride to step into a new role. They understand their role in the company, and this calls for a highly powerful transition.

Creates cohesion in the internal teams

Your company culture plays an essential role because it unites your internal teams. When people work cohesively in the work environment, the results are evident from the company’s growth. It is proved that company-branded t-shirts and apparels help in adding to the cohesiveness and unity of the teams. The teams get recognition within the organization, and a sense of gratification towards the organization is encouraged.

Thrusts company values

Another way to make use of the company branded t-shirts is to promote the company’s values. Employee engagement has been a great problem for HRs and the teams. A substantial contributing factor to low employee engagement is either not feeling aligned with the company or not understanding the company’s vision. If you are smart with creating company branded t-shirts, it will help you reinforce your company’s values, mission, and insight to the employees. Many corporations have their mission and benefits printed on the t-shirts to keep the employees aligned with the broader goals of the organization.

Passion for employees

It is not wrong to say that investment in the company branded t-shirts is not a waste. It shows that you care for the employees. When an employee received a custom t-shirt as a gift, he or she realizes that the top management cares for them, and the organization is loving them. Gifts are always an encouragement for all of us, and your employees are not different. Make them feel appreciated and entrust employee engagement in your organization.

While creating branded merchandise for your business, it is always important to be thoughtful about the utility of the item. For example, you create custom penholders for all your employees, but are they going to take it with them outside? The answer is, No. On the other hand, the custom t-shirts will flaunt in and out of the organization.

Custom t-shirts will not only add to employee engagement, but they will increase your brand awareness even outside the organization.

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