Comp Questions: Will Workers Comp Offer Me A Settlement?


Did you know that an employee usually has one or two years after an incident to file a workers comp claim? If you are currently dealing with a workers compensation claim and are wondering “will workers comp offer me a settlement?” we are here to clear things up. We have put together this guide to share more about the process of being offered a settlement.

Keep reading to learn more about workers comp settlements.

Why You Might Be Offered a Settlement

It is important to understand that not everyone is offered a settlement. If the insurance company believes that offering you a settlement will save them money in the long run, they will always offer a workers compensation settlement. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company wants to save as much money as possible.

In a situation where you break a bone and it will require multiple surgeries, therapy, and time off work this claim will cost the insurance company a lot of money. In this type of case, they will offer some type of settlement in an attempt to cut their losses and pay you as little as they possibly can instead of paying for this accident for years to come.

For smaller cases where you heal in a few days and do not require more visits to the doctor or the hospital, do not expect a settlement offer. In this situation, they will more than likely just pay your bills and close the claim.

Best Time to Accept a Settlement

If you are offered a settlement you might not be sure whether or not you should accept it, especially if you do not have an attorney on your side. Even if the amount they offer you seems large and attractive it might not be in your best interest to say yes because once you do, then the case is closed and can’t be reopened again.

Do not ever accept a settlement until your doctor says that your health is stable and will not improve anymore with more medical treatment. Accepting a settlement before your doctor says this, can leave you with unexpected medical bills in the future. You will run the risk of encountering problems that might cause expenses beyond what your settlement can help you pay.

Even when your doctor clears you, make sure that the settlement you accept gives you all of the benefits that you have the right to receive.

Now You Know “Will Workers Comp Offer Me a Settlement?”

We hope that now that we answered the question “will workers comp offer me a settlement?” you can make informed decisions as you move forward with your case. Unless you have experience with workers’ compensation cases, it is always best to seek help from a professional attorney that has experience.

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