What Are the Most Common Types of Scarves?

Types of Scarves

Many avoid scarves because they’re thought to be an unnecessary layer. However, scarves are a great accessory because they’re both stylish and functional. Not only do they dress up an outfit, but they also keep you warm!

Different types of scarves serve different functions. Similarly, various styles make wearing scarves super fashionable.

If you’re not sure what types of scarves you like, keep reading to learn about the different styles and functions of scarves!


These scarves are the most common. A traditional scarf is one long strip of material that is wrapped around the neck to keep the wearer warm.

A traditional scarf is handy as you can adjust how tight you want the scarf to be. This is great for both functionality and fashion, as wrapping the scarf tightly can keep you warm, and a loosely wrapped scarf creates a nice shape.

Composed of different materials, traditional scarves are extremely easy to style. Whether it’s a lightweight linen scarf for the summer or a luxurious cashmere scarf from Calidad Home, these scarves are a must-have.


Cowls are great for cold weather. These typically knit or crocheted scarfs are thicker in length and sit tight around the neck. This keeps the wearer warm and cozy on cold winter days!

These kinds of scarves are great for those who like wearing a scarf to stay warm without the bulk of traditional scarves.

Larger cowls can also double as a hood to keep you cozy when you have to venture outside during the winter. This can help you ditch a hat, without sacrificing your comfort.


Don’t let the younger generation fool you. Infinity scarves are super cute!

Many avoid the infinity scarf as it is considered “off-trend.” However, this circular scarf is great for staying warm.

However, many people use the scarf as an accessory. The abundance of materials and patterns make it a unique and diverse accessory. The closed-loop creates a great texture and shape, helping elevate any outfit!


While some may consider a shawl its own accessory, these scarves are great for more mild days.

Shawls tend to cover the neck, shoulders, and upper arms. Typically these are made out of lightweight materials, making them one of the best scarves and a perfect accessory for the fall and spring.

Not only are these great for warmth, but shawls are very stylish. They can help you dress up any outfit, as they come in a variety of styles. Keep your scarf looking pristine by ensuring you clean it properly and regularly.

Find the Best Types of Scarves

Whether you’re looking to stay warm or you want to add an accessory to your outfit, don’t overlook buying a scarf!

No matter what your personal style is, there’s a scarf out there for everyone. From sporty to chic, the amount of variety in types of scarves is perfect for anyone to wear!

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