Common Reasons That Cause Divorce

causes of divorce

You know all times are not the same, married life is a sweet mixture of love and fight. Couples are called perfect couples only when they love-fight and compromise the issue as soon as possible. Their love and affection towards each other never let the small issues break their relationship.

In case, if couples lose temper and do not have control over their emotions may become a reason to cause divorce. We will talk about the most common reasons that cause divorce and how a marriage bureau in Delhi is helping divorce people to get a new start by finding the best match for them.

They also guide how to come out of your past bad memories and leave leftovers in the past. Couples who work together and resolve conflicts have a greater chance to save their marriage on the other hand people who are lacking proper problem-solving skills may find themselves divorced, court issues. Here are some common reasons:

Personality conflicts

People find themselves in different personality traits that can turn a marriage to failure. Sometimes as a conflict avoider and sometimes conflict generator, neglect needs in the process. If you think you have personality traits, then do yourself a favor and work on your negative personality trait. In this way, you can turn your problems into opportunities.

Money problems

This is common in married couples to argue over debt, spending, bills, or other financial issues. Discussing money and expenses is essential for future saving plans, but argue over money and blaming each other can affect your relationship negatively. Many couples in India including Punjabis face this kind of argument because of the financial structure of Indian monetary policy. Being judged on money problems many times lead to divorce, and also one of the reasons for a high number of Punjabi divorced brides in India.


As we carry some expectations for every relation, same in married life we have some expectations for our partner. Maximum times marriage does not fulfill our expectations. In married life, we romanticize things and become disillusioned, once those romantic expectations do not meet we become upset and start blaming our partner. Punjabi divorced brides faced conflict in marriages due to unmet expectations are major source separations.

Irritating habits

Marrying someone who possesses one or more habits they find annoying or disturbing. Besides irritating habits, not discussing those habits to your partner to reach mutual understanding is also a problem Irritating habits is a short way to ruin your love. So, do not hesitate to point out habits that irritate you.

Lack of Quality time

Not spending quality time together causes couples to lose connection with each other. Top experts from the marriage bureau in Delhi say couples can increase the quality time by sharing their interests and hobbies and keep participating in various activities together on a regular basis to help couples stay in sync.


Discipline, nutrition, lack of time management, irritating habits, and other parenting issues can be sources of conflict between couples. A child is said to be the number one stressor in a marriage and can emphasize differences in viewpoints on issues such as how to take control, who is discipline, who is mostly responsible for child care, or what school to choose.

And, there are also responsibilities related to child cause to insomnia, who is responsible to change dirty diapers, who will fulfill child needs at night.

Household Responsibilities

Many couples dispute over the equitable allocation of household work between them, and how to do that properly. Instead of making a positive conversation to discuss and dividing household tasks fairly they make it an issue and start fighting over it. You’re adults, stop fighting like kids if you detect something that needs to be done, do it. Or, decide together to divide household work based on your skills and time availability so that you enjoy the work at its best.


Bringing friends into your relationship can be helpful and can be toxic too.

Make sure you know the difference between a friend who will improve your relationship by helping you out and one who will break it down.


Not only friends, family members too is one of the common reasons that cause divorce. Siblings, children, in-laws, and step-children can all generate stress within a marriage. Dealing with negative issues related to family comments on you, try to deal gently

Lack of preparations

Lack of preparation or not prepared for marriage is one of the most common reasons for divorce. A huge number of couples of all ages confessed that they were not being prepared for married life and forced to get married by their family or society. Solving these kinds of issues is so easy and simple with the marriage bureau in Delhi.

A Final Word On Common Reasons That Cause Divorce

Even love married couples with the best intentions with mutual understanding are unable to defeat their challenges and end up in courtrooms.