Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men


Did you know that cosmetic surgery for males accounts for more than 8% of all cosmetic surgery procedures done in the United Kingdom and the United States? This trend has been constant throughout the past decade.

Today’s society and social media culture place a high value on males to look youthful, athletic, and in good proportion. As a result, an increasing number of men are turning to cosmetic surgeons and their teams for assistance in reshaping and reforming their bodies.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of cosmetic surgery treatments now accessible to men—also, the increased social acceptability for these surgical treatments.

Liposuction Treatment

Many men resort to liposuction to help them win the fight against the spare tire or beer belly, as it’s fondly called! As a result, it is the most often performed male cosmetic surgery procedure.

The surgeon will make an incision, and a surgical suction tube will be inserted. This treatment is known as liposuction surgery. The surgeon suctions fat from the specified regions with expert guidance while simultaneously sculpting and reshaping the body.

Liposuction is an outpatient treatment that is typically done under a local anesthetic. As a result, patients benefit from a reduced amount of scarring and recovery time. Most men can return to work and regular physical activity within a few days after their surgery.

As you adjust to your new shape during the first few weeks after your surgery, you will start to see noticeable improvements.

Male Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Men are more concerned with their looks than they have ever been!  They are focused on presenting their best face first. As a result, many individuals resort to surgical treatments to help them get the appearance they so desire. There are two most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures:

The Nose Job or Rhinoplasty

Many men choose to do procedures like nose corrections or post-injury reconstruction on themselves.

The treatment involves reshaping the nose, and it has long been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men. However, there are many abnormalities affecting the nose that may be corrected with this surgery. These include excessive breadth or length, a crooked nose, a beaked nose, a bulging tip, and flared nostrils.

The recuperation period for a nose surgery varies depending on the surgical method. Nose job patients may often return to work in 7 to 10 days.

 An Eyelid Lift or Blepharoplasty

The eyelids, particularly the top lids, age prematurely compared to other areas of the face. Fatty deposits, drooping eyelids, and dark circles may be fixed by removing extra skin, relocating fat, and removing portions of the muscle.

Many individuals return to work after blepharoplasty within seven to ten days.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Many guys face extra breast tissue development in their lifetimes. As a result, gynecomastia is sometimes also known as “man boobs.” Male breast reduction involves removing fat or glandular tissue, and sometimes the skin as well.

Typically, male breast reduction healing time is 1-2 weeks. Men will want to take it easy while they’re recovering, and intense exercise should be avoided.

Cosmetic Surgery the New Fountain of Youth!

You can only accomplish so much with sit-ups and exercise. In other words, if there are any cosmetic surgical treatments that you have been considering, schedule a consultation and go for it! There’s a high possibility you won’t be the only man in the waiting room.

Cosmetic surgery may help refine and sculpt your appearance to give you a more youthful look.

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