Common Construction Issues that Can Lead to Change Order Claims

Common Construction Issues that Can Lead to Change Order Claims

Construction is one of the most profitable businesses in the developed and developing countries of the world. The primary reason is that the value of land keeps increasing after the construction of a building, which adds to the profit of owners. However, the construction process can prove to be full of risks that can require a change order.

Quick Fact!

Research highlights that 47% of the time, owners of the construction projects are responsible for change orders, which is quite a high number.

The change orders mostly take place due to the errors made in the initial stages. Sometimes, they also occur due to unforeseen scenarios. Change orders impact the project significantly and lead the involved parties to claim issues. The UAE has one of the busiest construction industries in the world, which is also prone to several types of claims issues.

Instead of wasting time in conflicts, most of the parties involved in construction projects hire the services of construction claims consultants Dubai based companies. They ensure the smooth resolution of their issues with the help of experts and focus their attention on progress.

This article will help you explore common construction issues that can lead involved parties to change order claims.

Top 5 Construction Issues that Lead to Change Order Claims

There is no doubt in the fact that change orders slow down the progress of the construction project and cause loss to the involved parties. There are other significant issues apart from unforeseen scenarios that lead to the development of change order claims. Exploring such issues is quite important to know the root cause of the problem.

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The following are some of the most common, but significant construction issues that lead involved parties to change order claims.

1. Errors in Site Map

When the owners decide to start construction on a project, they get a detailed site map, as well as a drawing of the different sections. It also includes detailed mapping of the projects which will be followed during the process. Due to short time or any other issues, the makers can ignore errors in the site map.

The involved parties start the construction project without identifying and amending such issues. However, the project does not reach completion without issues, which makes them aware of the issues on the site map. Then parties put the blame on each other and place change order claims.

2. Changes in Design

In some cases, the scope of the project is not clear at the start of the construction process. The parties start the process with the initial design in their hands. With the progress, they become aware of the design issues or get clarity in their scope, which does not align with the plan. They cannot risk the completion of the unwanted design. So, order changes in the construction project.

Change in design is one of the most common change order claims in various parts of the world. It causes significant monetary and time loss to involved parties, leading them to claim.

3. Soil and Ground Problems

The texture and quality of soil, as well as ground, holds significant importance in ensuring the success or failure of a construction project. A common mistake involved parties commit in soil analysis is that they do not dig deeper and just analyze it from the upper surface of the ground and approve it.

Construction requires deep digging, which then makes the parties aware of soil and ground issues. It then leads them to change order claims as they have ignored the matter earlier and now need to fix it.

4. Unreliable Substitutions

Any risk factor can emerge at any stage of the construction project and call for a change order. It does not mean that the involved parties are not responsible for such issues, but they ignore or take a few matters lightly, which then causes a problem. One such issue is unreliable substitutions. During the progress of the project, the involved parties often face shortness in material supply.

At such times, any party can approve any other available material without ensuring its quality. Such a change can cause problems in project completion and lead them to change order claims.

5. Inaccurate Specifications

Construction projects involve various types of specifications. All the involved parties have to decide such matters collectively. One party may ignore their responsibility and let the other parties decide on the matter and then cause conflict at the finishing stages. Any party can also support inaccurate specifications and cause issues for others.

Such types of problems lead the involved parties to change order claims, as they fail to resolve their conflict on their own.

Facing project devaluation due to change order claims?

No doubt, this is the type of issue that can undermine the value of your project even before completion. You have the responsibility of taking an initiative to resolve the issue before it starts causing you loss.

You can hire the services of construction claim consultants companies and resolve your conflicts and manage change orders smoothly. With the help of expert opinion, you can also ensure to complete the project on the set date, without escalating the cost.

So, do not compromise on the value of your project. Do your homework satisfactorily, and do not hesitate to seek expert advice if you still face any issue.

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