Colposcopy & Cervical Biopsy – Everything You Need To Know About It

colposcopy treatment

Colposcopy helps in knowing the underlying changes in your cervical cells. It is a magnified inspection of the surface of a woman’s vagina (which are cervix, vulva and vagina). Colposcopy has helped a lot of women to have a better living by knowing about the changes in their body of which they would have been ignorant of. It is a light binocular machine that magnifies the cells to give a better understanding to the provider who will be studying on the abnormal changes.

The major cause of death nowadays is cancer. The report from the WHO states that “cancers are one among the highest ten leading causes of death globally.” Where tons of individuals are already fighting with cancer, the awareness is also increasing everyday. More and more people are starting up with the campaigns of cancer awareness programs so that we can minimise the danger as much as possible. A colposcopy clinic in london  provides people an opportunity to know about their cancerous growth earlier before the cancer is taken on full blown.

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Cervical cancer is related to abnormal growth of the cells in your cervix. The only way you can prevent this is to find out if you really have it in your cervix. Screening plays an important role in identifying the unwanted and abnormal growth. Regular smear tests will encourage women to feel safe about their body and life. It is recommended for every woman to have a smear test done every three years. This recommendation is however general, hence how much you need to do depends on your individual condition (which comes through your medical report and clinical requirements).

Why do doctors recommend Colposcopy?

Doctors will only recommend the private colposcopy treatment if they found out that you have an abnormal pap smear test result. The Colposcopy is used to identify the cancerous cells especially after the pap smear result. You might be told for the biopsy which is the scrapping of samples from your cervix that way it gives a better impression of the unknown and abnormal cells. Often times, women are told for the Colposcopy in order to detect for any infectious changes or inflammatory or any type of injuries in their genital area.

Since the Colposcopy is not just one process to determine if you have the cancer, hence your doctor might need to perform repeated tests to know if you have them or not.

Why do you need a pap smear test?

A lot of women fear the ultimate result after the test. They fear a lot about getting the cancer detected in their body. So for them a smear test is equivalent to cancer. It’s true that smear tests look for cancer cells but it’s not the only thing. Pap smear tests for the mild changes in the cells of the cervix. If those mild changes are left untreated, it could eventually, usually after several years, lead to cancer. Every doctor who has shown years of concern over women’s health opines that screening helps in identifying any abnormal cell growth in your cervix that gives an important indication on cervical cancer. Your cervix is used to with certain types of changes and is designed in a way that it gets rid of any infection on its own.

That’s why it is advisable to attend for regular smears. For your regular smear test, Simply visit any gynaecology specialist in London. If the cells have been detected in your body, the early treatment could stop the formation of cancer. If you want to be confident of the test, prepare yourself. Here’s some tips on how you can be confident about your smear test and make the process much easier:

  • Have a shower or a bath.
  • There is no need to wash thoroughly or more than you usually do.
  • Don’t use anything other than water and unscented soap.
  • Wear clothes that would be easy for you to take off.

Risks of Colposcopy

During the entire procedure, your doctor will assure you that it will be done under a safe method. Though you might have some sort of discomfort but that will be gone within 48 hours. The reason for such pain and discomfort is because your body doesn’t go through all these on a regular basis, hence the inderting of the speculum might create some type of discomfort or pain for some hours.

You may have risks of bleeding immediately after the process is done. You might have the infection or pain in your abdomen or pelvic region. If you think you have conceived a baby, you must tell this to your doctor. Doing Colposcopy during pregnancy might be very risky as it may destroy the embryo completely through the entire process, also it will bring many complications during an early labour. That’s why many providers also take a pre pregnancy urine test prior to the Colposcopy.

It is a specialized method which needs a doctor to do repeated tests to make sure if you have any type of cancerous growth in your genital region. Now it might happen that your doctor was unable to take biopsies and hence he is unable to find out whether you have any abnormal cell growth.

Preparing for Colposcopy

You have to prepare yourself just like the way you do while having your other gynaecological exams.

  • Make sure that you haven’t fallen under your period date while having the Colposcopy done. Menstrual cycle might ruin your entire result which will be an utter waste of time and money.
  • You must abstain yourself from sexual contact or inserting anything inside your vagina just prior to the test at least for 24 hours. All these acts will spoil the real test result, hence you must keep these in your mind.
  • If you are the ones who are super sensitive with such procedures, you doctor might prescribe you with an acetaminophen. You will be told to take this med just before the test begins, having the gap of 1 hour. Such meds might also increase the bleeding after the process but make sure that these are only for the medicines. However, if you have the symptoms for more than one day, you must talk to your doctor immediately.

Can Colposcopy help in rectifying cervical cancer?

During a Colposcopy, your specialist scratches a few cells off your cervix and sends them to a lab for investigation. She might even talk to you regarding the need for a pap test alone or HPV testing. She will likewise converse with you about how regularly you should be screened. If you’re sexually active and in heavy risk, you’ll need vaginal testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea as well. This will ensure a complete safe environment for you. Other than having the risk of getting cervical cancer, you can protect yourself from it just by giving importance on vaccinations. HPV vaccines can shield women under 26 from getting into the trap of HPV. The vaccines don’t secure against all the cancer causing strains of HPV, and not every cervical disease begins with HPV. So normal cervical cancer screening is as yet significant.

Preparing for the screening test

What can eventually help a woman to tackle her fear at times of cervical screening, is her way of taking the entire process. Fear is in the mind! What women fear is the procedure that is involved in cervical screening. There isn’t any pain involved in the process. It’s just a simple schedule with a few minutes of working.

After you reach the clinic, you will be asked to sit down and talk to the clinician. Every clinician is an expert in this field so there is no need for any shame. The clinician will ask about your last period. They will also ask for any hormones (contraception or HRT for example) that you took. If you have a coil, they will also check for it.

If you have any problems related to your vagina like itching, soreness or any kind of discomfort, discuss this with the clinician. If you are too anxious about the whole procedure, let them know about it. They will handle you accordingly. A lot of women feel embarrassed about the test. The clinician won’t be embarrassed with your symptoms as they are highly experienced people and they are there to help people like you who are struggling from this issue. Their job is to listen to the patients’ problems and help them solve them as quickly as possible. So if you have shaved or unshaved private parts or that you have body piercings, it won’t bother them unless you are bothered by it.

Prepare your mind this way that the doctor is already well experienced in this field and that it’s her job to look inside your vagina and collect the samples that will help her in examining the condition. For a better experience, get in touch with the best colposcopy clinic in london.

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