Cocktail is a ZEE5 exclusive movie released on10th July


The cocktail is a ZEE5 exclusive movie released on 10th July, Friday. Don’t get confused by the name. This is not the Bollywood Hindi movie. It is a Tamil movie containing a dark comedy named Cocktail. The theme of the movie complies with the title. 


The movie is revolving around four friends. But their simple life gets messed up in just one night when they discover a corpse in one of the friend’s house. Eventually, their bachelor party turns into a nightmare and they got tangled with a smuggling group. Here, the movie gives justice to the name. 

The story begins with a bachelor party where four friends were drinking and celebrating one of their friend’s engagement with his girlfriend who was the daughter of a police officer. After drinking all night they fell asleep. When they woke up the next morning, they found out a girl’s dead body in the flat. They want to dispose of the corpse without getting noticeable by others. But their bad luck leads them to the idol smuggling racket. And police notice that there is something wrong with these guys. Can they get out of the situation? How did the corpse come to the house? Is someone messing with them purposely?  You will get the answers to all these questions only after watching the whole movie called Cocktail. You have to dedicate nearly two hours from your precious time and you will get all the answers.

Plot and direction

the cocktail is a new age black comedy movie in the Tamil language. You will come to know about the importance and mystery of an ancient idol of Lord Murugan and how it plays an important role in this movie. The movie is directed by Vijaya Murugan. He tries to put funny scenes with good comic timing. There are some scenes that can remind you of the International movie plots like the Hanover series. as mentioned before the movie is a dark comedy so there will be some adult double meaning jokes and dialogues even on the rape case.


Yogi Babu is a famous comedian in the south Indian industry. His acting skill does not need anyone’s acknowledgment. This talented actor can carry the whole movie on his own shoulder. With his perfect comic timing, he will able to make the audience laugh. So, if you missed his performance before then don’t miss this opportunity. You will have a good experience after watching the whole movie. The other characters’ performances are also commendable. Vettukili Bala plays the character of Andu’s friend panda. He entered into the character so well that it gives the movie an extra charm. The actress who played the character of the wife of one of the friends is really good making the whole movie funny. So, if you want to watch a movie about friends and their friendship with an extra dose of dark comedy then this movie can be your option.