Clothes Dryer Troubleshooting: 5 Common Issues and Simple Solutions



Since Roman times, we have battled to wash and dry our clothes with ease. There is nothing worse than hanging clothes in arctic winds, hoping they dry.

But now we have household appliances with convenience as their middle name. One of the appliances is the clothes dryer.

Around 80% of US households now own a clothes dryer. And they are great until something goes wrong. But do not reach for the clothes pegs and washing line, wrapped up in all your winter gear, just yet.

There is some dryer troubleshooting you can do first. It does not matter if you are Samsung troubleshooting or another brand troubleshooting.

Read on for five of the most common clothes dryer issues and ways to fix them.

1. Does Not Start

When your clothes dryer does not wake up or start, there are a few causes. First, check all buttons are released. Make sure the switch is clean and push the start or on button firmly down again.

If this does not work, it could be that the button or control board is faulty. It could also be that the thermal fuse has blown.

It is best to call a professional because of the many possible causes. See here for more information.

2. Strange Noises

If your dryer makes an unusual noise, check there are no foreign objects like coins in the dryer and drum area. Also, unknot any clothes.

A worn-out seal or older dryers can also be noisy. Make sure the dryer is leveled out, and if it persists, replace the seal.

3. No Heat

Check you have not overloaded the dryer, and clean the lint screens. A common cause is a thermal fuse. It will need to be replaced if broken.

For gas dryer troubleshooting, check the supply line valve is open properly. For other dryers, check the circuit breakers and fuses.

4. Clothes Are Still Wet

One of the most frustrating issues is if clothes are still wet or take a long time to dry. A whole load of clothes should be dry within 45 minutes.

First, clean the outside exhaust vent and lint filter. Ventilation may be blocked with lint, so clean it thoroughly. If it is after an automatic timed cycle, clean the moisture sensor strips.

If there are still issues, the heating element may need to be replaced.

5. Shuts off Quickly

If the dryer runs but then shuts off quickly, you might need to replace a part. It could be the thermostat or the thermal fuse. Also, check the thermal fuse.

Only replace parts yourself if you have experience!

Dryer Troubleshooting Complete!

If you still have problems, contact a professional for dryer troubleshooting. Sometimes, you just need to do a simple clean, but sometimes you will need to repair parts.

If you are not experienced doing this, it is best to get a professional. You could pay for it later if you injure yourself or damage the dryer further. Also, act quickly, as your dryer could also be a fire risk.

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