How to Create Your Own clan in Destiny 2

clan in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, you will be able to form a clan in order to support each other. Destiny is known to be a very social game, where you will be able to interact with other players from all around the world. It is very easy to find players from your own country or from your part of the world. This is because the game features an online forum where thousands of people from every corner of the world are talking about their passion about the game and about life in general. If you are one of those thousands of people who love playing video games and wants to join a clan in Destiny 2, then read on to find out more.

Clan in Destiny 2:

In Destiny 2, clans are basically communities of gamers who have decided to come together to achieve certain common goals including defeating the enemies. A clan has its own website where its members can communicate, discuss and bond. There are also chat rooms where gamers can talk to each other and form new clans. On the main menu, you can create a clan with a unique motto. The motto of your clan says a lot about your personality and your gaming experience in Destiny.

The clan in Destiny 2 has a custom made emblem where your emblem will be placed. The emblem you will see on the main menu is actually the combination of your clan’s motto and your chosen battle gear. When you have chosen your gear and have clicked on the gear icon, you will be able to see a preview of your clan emblem. The emblem you have chosen will be shown on your emblem when you log into the game – this is where your clan name will be displayed.

Introduction of this system:

Another great feature of the Destiny 2 clan system is that it makes joining a clan much easier than it was in previous versions of the game. Prior to the introduction of the clan system, it was quite hard to find and join clan wars because of all the random players online at any given moment. Now, with the help of the clan system, you can select specific groups to join, such as” Guardians” or” Raiders”. These specific groups can be targeted when you want to join a war because you will be targeting those who are located close to your location.

With the introduction of this system, it also eliminated the need to grind so much to gain experience from quests. Now, leveling up will take much less time because players from all over the map can join your clan and fight for you. This greatly decreases the time it takes for you to level up because there aren’t that many players fighting for the same quests. In addition, there is now an option to have a companion beside you while you level. With your companion helping you, it will be much easier to do quests and kill enemy players.

Hunter in Destiny 2:

If you have the ambition to become a top hunter in Destiny 2 and the companion. You have to know that the XP rewards are much higher in this game when you have both a gun and a melee weapon. The gun can be upgraded in Publish the post the course of doing quests and winning battles so you should always try to get one as soon as possible. The melee weapon is used primarily for hunting enemies so you should consider upgrading it as well. Both weapons are quite beneficial and are the most recommended equipment to have in Destiny 2 and the companion.

When you are a Hunter in Destiny 2 and the companion, you will have a place where you can create your very own clan. You are not limited to the public spaces in the game; you are free to create a clan in a location where you deem appropriate. Just make sure you do not create a clan that would be a violation of the Terms of Service. Creating a clan in Destiny 2 and the companion is not as difficult as it may seem; it is simply a matter of creating a mission statement and a short description about what the mission is about.


The mission statement is your statement about why you created a clan in the first place. A short and sweet motto is good enough for clan in Destiny 2 and the companion, so don’t go for big words and Kingroot Apk Download complicated sentences. It is important that you at least have two members so that when it comes to defending or attacking, at least 2 members will be ready to help.