How to Choose From the Different Types of Apartments



Are you sorting through different types of apartments; trying to decide where to move? Choosing an apartment can be fun. You can design a new beginning that reflects your style.

But for some, picking an apartment can be daunting. If apartment real estate jargon like “garden view” or “alcove” seems confusing, read on to learn the information you’ll need to know.

When apartment hunting, you can make serious mistakes that will cost you. A prime example is not doing the proper research. So, how do you choose an apartment and avoid mistakes?

Check out our guide to learn more about different kinds of apartments. Our tips can provide the knowledge you’ll need to find your perfect new home!

First, Identify Your Lifestyle

Before diving into the different types of apartments, it’s important to get clear on your lifestyle. How can you align your apartment choice to your personal needs?

For example, if you have a demanding career, apartments for professionals can suit your needs. These apartments offer working professionals quiet and spacious living areas, and resort-style amenities. Your lifestyle and interests can guide apartment decisions.


A condominium (called a “condo”) is similar to an apartment building. While the condo’s spaces like the lobby are shared, the apartment units are individually owned.


A cooperative (called a “co-op”) is a corporation that usually owns multiple residential buildings. To purchase a co-op, you buy-in to the building. Your investment acts as a shareholder in the business that owns the apartment building.

Garden Apartment

Garden apartments are subterranean or ground floor units. The apartment has its own access to outdoor space.

A garden apartment can sound like an intriguing choice. But, these apartments sometimes have issues like lack of natural light or pest infiltration.

High-Rise or Low-Rise Apartment

A high-rise apartment is a tall building that has a certain number of stories. Depending on the build or city, this number is usually between 7 to 10. A low-rise apartment is a smaller building that has a height of 4 stories or less.


A duplex is two separate living units. But, the units are in the same building and have two separate entrances.


A loft apartment is on the upper floor of a building. Loft apartments are known for high ceilings, exposed ductwork, and an airy feel. Because of this open floor plan, you may need to get creative about decorating your loft.

Studio or Alcove Studio

A studio is a one-room apartment. There are no walls or space differentiators. The bedroom, living room, dining area, and kitchen will be in the same space.

Alcove studios are more desirable because they offer a separate sleeping area. This is typically done by creating a small area surrounded by an archway, built-in or other structure to separate the bed.

There Are Many Different Types of Apartments. Which Will You Choose?

From condominium to alcove studio, there are many different types of apartments to choose from. Next time you are searching for your dream apartment, do not feel overwhelmed by the property descriptions.

This guide can help you navigate basic terms and choose the perfect place for your needs. If you found this apartment guide helpful, check out our other real estate stories.