Check out Specs of Veloster N – The Sports Car from Hyundai


One of the Hyundai vehicles that are loved by customers is the sports compact car 2020 Veloster N. It offers a smooth and thrilling riding experience that makes driving this vehicle quite a fun activity. When you are in Inland Empire Hyundai dealership, ensure checking out this car. It is quite affordable and fulfills most requirements of a sports car. To know more about it, check the specs of this vehicle!

New additions and changes

One of the biggest additions is pairing this car with dual clutch automatic 8-speed transmission. Previously, on available choice was a manual 6-speed transmission. With addition of this new transmission, the vehicle shifts quicker than before as well as has paddle shifters mounted on the steering.

Numerous other optional and standard features consist of heated seats and steering wheel, boosted sports seats, and infotainment software is upgraded. Also, driver assistance involves blind spot monitor, collision warning, assistance with lane keeping, etc.

Standard engine without options and more

Only available engine for this vehicle is a 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder which produces horsepower of 250 and torque of 260 lb ft. As mentioned above, this car is paired with automatic 8-speed dual clutch transmission or manual 6-speed one. Also, it comes in only FWD drivetrain. People looking for extra boost in horsepower can choose the Performance package (optional) that adds 25 horsepower and increases it to 275.

Several drive-modes are available that includes Normal, preset Eco, N drive, and Sport. One of the most exciting features of this vehicle is the N custom option; it allows people to customize this vehicle’s throttle response, slip-differential, matching engine rev, adaptive dampers, steering weight, exhaust, stability control, etc.

It takes about 5.5 seconds to reach 0-60 mph and can finish a quarter mile lap within 14.2 seconds if driven at 100 mph. However, these are the numbers of the manual transmission model. The automatic one will definitely do better than this.

Moreover, though it is a sports car, it will provide the driver with 22 mpg when in city and 29 mpg on the highway. Lastly, the vehicle costs $28,800 only and is the only variant that is available currently. Visiting a Hyundai dealership in the Inland Empire will help you get more details.

Interior, cargo, infotainment, and more

Opening the doors will offer an insight into the compact dimension of this vehicle. It offers a comfortable seating with enough leg space along with controls that are laid within reach. The cargo area can hold 4 carry-on bags and with back seats folded 13 can easily fit. Also, the hatchback allows easy access to loading and unloading of suitcases with or without back seats folded.

For infotainment 8-inch touchscreen display is available and with the software upgrade it will be even easier to operate. Also, audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, satellite radio, and more are present.

These specs and the reasonable price, makes Veloster N 2020 a must have sports car from Hyundai. Just book a test ride and enjoy the pleasures and fun it will offer.