Cheap Cost Rectal Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer Treatment

Rectal or colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in the world. Studies have found that this cancer is frequently found in developed countries more compared to the underdeveloped ones. This condition is usually identified with rectal bleeding, significant weight loss and change in the bowel habit.

What Is Rectal Cancer?

Rectal cancer is a disease that is formed by the presence of cancer cells in the tissue of the rectum. This condition usually starts from the colon region, along the lining of the bowel passage. If left untreated, this cancer can spread to the lymph nodes and the other organs of the body. 

The best way to treat colorectal cancer is a combination of methods that includes surgery and radiation or chemotherapy. 

How Is Rectal Cancer Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of rectal cancer will reveal the stage of the disease and its severity. Some of the most common tests that the oncologist will recommend are:

Colonoscopy- This is one of the first tests that the doctor will ask you to do. With the help of colonoscopy, the doctor will see images of the rectum and the colon region for any signs of abnormal growth or changes. 

Colorectal biopsy- Until a biopsy is done taking a tissue sample from the colorectal region, the doctor cannot tell if there is any presence of cancer cells. Computerised tomography identifies and confirms rectal cancer. Also, the biopsy reveals the stage of cancer.

Endoscopic ultrasound– To stage cancer properly, the doctor may also suggest magnetic resonance imaging or endoscopic ultrasound.

You can see more and learn better about the treatments and why they are performed after you consult with an experienced rectal cancer specialist.

Rectal Cancer Treatments

The treatment for rectal cancer is determined by the stage of the disease the patient has.

Stage I- In this stage, cancer has not grown or spread. It is easily treatable and cured entirely with surgery. The surgery will remove the part of the cancerous rectum. Surgeries like polypectomy, local excision and transanal resection are usually performed at this stage.

Stage II- In this stage, cancer starts to grow into the depths of the rectum area. This stage is also very much treatable with the help of surgery. If the cancer cells can be removed entirely after the surgery, there will be no requirement for any additional treatment.

Stage III- In this stage, cancer starts to spread in the lymph nodes only. At this stage, the doctor removes the cancerous part and then administers chemotherapy to destroy the cancer growth and its spreading.

Stage IV– This is the last stage of rectal cancer, and a combination of treatments is needed to treat the condition. Chemo-radiation therapy is the best way to stop the further spreading of cancer at this stage. 

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Cost Of Rectal Cancer Treatment In India

The best news about rectal cancer is that it is very much treatable and even cured if identified at the early stage. The cost part is also very reasonable in India. Compared to the other nations, Indian hospitals offer a premium range of services but at affordable charges.

It is a great relief for patients who come to India from other countries to treat rectal cancer because the cost is reasonable. But not all cancer treatment hospitals will have the same range of the expenses for rectal cancer treatments. Technology, hospital, condition severity, and room category determine the treatment cost. 

Right before you plan for the treatment, make sure you learn about the most cost-effective place for your rectal cancer treatment.