Chatbots: The Most Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Conversational marketing has become an important part of digital advertising these days. It is a powerful tool to guide potential customers through your sales funnel. It also helps in improving the shopping experience of customers thus paving the way for better customer retention and a stronger relationship between the businesses and it’s customers. 

A lot of businesses have integrated chatbots as an inevitable part of their customer service strategy. Even in Australia, many businesses use chatbots to respond to and engage with their customers across sites and social media platforms. Anyone involved with a social media agency Melbourne to Sydney and Australia wide will understand the importance of successfully integrating chatbots. However, there are some common mistakes that occur during the implementation of these bots. 

We’ve listed some of these common mistakes and how you can combat them below: 

Lack of Personality:

This is easily the most common mistake. Chatbots might be robots but with all our technical advancement, they don’t have to sound like them! Most businesses often overlook this. We know the main purpose of chatbots is to provide customers with quick answers. However, it doesn’t mean that is all your bot should offer them.

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It should be designed and developed in such a way that it is helpful and informative while delivering a sense of personality in line with your brand at the same time. It should behave in a more conversational manner in order to forge a relationship with your customers the way any other customer service worker would. 

Absence of Conversational Direction:

Many businesses don’t focus on the conversational flow of chatbots. These bots should be developed in such a way that they are able to guide customers in the best way possible with the presence of multiple conversational tones and options.

Chatbots can face difficulties in understanding the messages of customers clearly and might respond in a way that is not understandable by customers or irrelevant to them. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that there are alternative problem-solving methods in your strategy. A dead-end while conversing with a chatbot will be frustrating for your customers. The best way out is to ensure clarity in your chatbot and exercise the potential of its artificial intelligence with multiple problem-solving and adaptability methods.

Lack of Strategic Focus:

Good business is always dependent on good clear strategies. Multiple businesses tend to follow trends without actually knowing what they are or why they’re trending. Chatbots are a great example of this. They can often fall short of achieving their ideal targets, simply because of a lack of strategic focus. Businesses tend to make their bots know-it-all without identifying the actual, more specific needs of their audience. All they really need to focus on is making them capable of engaging customers in a conversation while remaining in the specific space of their business and clear focus.

The best way to avoid these issues is a clear understanding of the needs of your business and audience. This includes a clear understanding of how your business works and how a chatbot can reply in the best way possible while remaining relevant to the business. This strategic focus will be helpful in improving the experience of your customers with your chatbot.

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