Challenges faced in a Coworking Space

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Coworking spaces incorporate a lot of people with different genres, motives and lifestyle who work to achieve their goals. Coworking space management tries a lot to bring in the best of the services they can to provide the workers. Still, there might be few drawbacks here and there which might affect the workers in the coworking space.

In spite of all the challenges, the workers strive to be together, to adjust and to understand from each other’s perspective to stay together. 

If you are someone who is going to pick a coworking space for the first time, you better know all the issues you might have to face there and also think of a few solutions to solve them. Even the best co working space have their challenges. To all the challenges that the coworking space culture, there can be a solution that can solve the issues for you. 

Here are a few challenges that are faced by the workers in a coworking space:

1.The never-ending distractions

There can be a lot of people working on different causes and reasons. Some might be group, some might be a company or some individuals. One time, you might be alarmed by someone’s loud calling session, and the next time it can be an argument within a group.

Trying to concentrate within these hustles can be a little of a challenge, but it ain’t a problem with no solution. Coworking space management must have separate cabins for groups and companies so that their discussions do not affect others. 

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Also, all the members must be aware of eh decorum they need to take care of before signing up for the desk.


2. Data privacy


When working in a coworking space, it is obvious that you meet new people and interact with people who work for different organisations. As a recent trend, few companies have started to check up on the infrastructure and IT services of the coworking space before their employee sign up for the coworking space.

So, always check with your coworking space management and IT cell to know about their terms and conditions on data privacy and their takes on cases of breaches if happened.

These days, there are certifications and standardizations for coworking spaces to approve regarding these matters.

3. Communicable diseases would be quick

Since a lot of people work together in a space, the chances for spreading infection is quite high.  The coffee mugs, the supplies, all are shared among the members of the space. Hence maintaining basic cleanliness and hygiene is the next step to avoiding a probable communicable disease.

Also, the desks are also being used by multiple people over different shifts. Hence, touching surfaces with a sick hand can spread the microbes quite fast.

If the Air conditioner is not in perfect condition, the dust spilled out by the AC will be breathed in by the whole people in the room.  Keep sanitizers, and tissues at a distance of reach. Keep all the dishes and surfaces clean and hygienic.

4. Probable conflict with people around you

As already told, people are al of different backgrounds and different tastes. Hence, it can be difficult to adjust at the first hand. There can be a difference of opinion between the members which can be distracting for other people too.

It can be mere and silly matters, but the work pressure can put them in bad situations to be irritated over them.

Sometimes, people do get irritated over the celebrations another group that may conduct inside the coworking space claiming to affect their workflow. It can be over the temperature of AC. Different people might prefer different environmental settings.

Usually, the coworking space management gets to solve these issues for the sake of other people and fo keeping the decorum of the space.  A co working space in Ahmedabad had reported the case of a heated argument over the pungent scent of perfume inside the coworking space. Pretty lame right! But, yeah, it happened. 

5.The friction in (over)shared space

Especially, when you work in desks, the major clash of overusing your desk is expected.he one next to your desk might overuse your space.  People get defensive when their space is being overused by someone else when they have a hand full of work to get done. This will lead to heated arguments.

It is important that the management makes sure that each desk has enough space or the worker to spread out. Also, separating each desk space can reduce the problems and also give more privacy to the workers.

6.Using the equipment and supplies

At a coworking space, the supplies are meant for all and it has o be considered so. In contrast to the office conditions, in a coworking space will have requirements for different companies, and hence, different dimensions, different qualities, different perspectives.

Also, the long queues to reach the printer and everlasting coffee queues can irritate you, but it important that you stay calm for the best of everyone. Sometimes, the supplies might get damaged by someone else, retaining you from getting your work done, for which you have paid for

Meeting room bookings are quite an important part of this hustle. Because unlike your office you cannot just walk into the meeting room to conduct your meeting even if you work there.

You have to make separate bookings for meeting rooms. Otherwise, it will cause clash and cause problems for your workflow. Such problems can be solved out using efficient management from the space owner’s side.

Whilst we have discussed the challenges faced with coworking spaces, there are also positives too.
Utilizing a coworking space is inevitably cheaper than having your own individual office. Your budget may not allow you to have your own prestigious office in NYC, but you could base yourself in a coworking space there at a fraction of the cost. If a CBD location is important for your business, this set up could be the cost-effective solution you need.

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