Cbse vs icse vs igcse: What to Choose?


Being parents, you want the premium for your children. When it comes to studies, you do think about so many things but the important thing that most of the parents are worried about is which education board to choose.

Certainly , you can easily look for the board that you think is apt for you. And luckily you can find the schools too that are under that specific board.  However, if you are tensed about  igcse vs cbse then this post might help you.  once you read the following points, you can figure out if you want your kids to join igcse  or that of cbse school.


CBSE is the most extensively followed curriculum in India. More than 19,000 schools in the country follow it. moreover, it is a national level board that is recognized by the Union Government of India.

Talking about IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or Cambridge Curriculum, it is an international curriculum. The coursework, the teaching practice, and the approach are entirely different from what generally people are used to.

Features of CBSE

Some of the main features of CBSE boards are like:

  • The CBSE board permits instruction in Hindi and English.
  • It lays the foundation for various of competitive examinations in the country.
  • The approach of this board is theoretical with supportive, practical learning.
  • The CBSE certificate gets accepted globally in many universities and colleges.
  • The curriculum concentrates chiefly on science and math, while arts and language somewhat take a backseat.
  • Then the syllabus is well-rounded with a concentration on activities and sports.
  • The syllabus is somewhat child-centric and does not pressure children too much. In fact, in recent years, the board brought in various of changes in the syllabus to make it convenient to learn.
  • The syllabus is even quite interesting with projects and activities designed for every single chapter.
  • CBSE schools do follow NCERT textbooks.

Features of IGCSE board

Once you know about the features of this board, you are going to get entirely a different experience. it is entirely different than what you generally know.

  • The Cambridge Curriculum is amidst the most child-focused approaches in the whole world.
  • The curriculum scraps the ancient approach to subjects and typical classrooms. It gives schools a proper list of mandatory aspects in every subject that they must teach. Schools design the whole coursework based on this list.
  • IGCSE is somewhat project-driven and experiential. Children learn all the things through activity, play, and experience. Instruction-based learning is somewhat expurgated to the minimum. In an IGCSE school, you will witness the kids learning in the playground, in the lobby , in the crafts room, just about everywhere. That’s the kind of learning the curriculum encourages.
  • Participation is extensively encouraged in IGCSE.
  • Even the assessments in a Cambridge school are going to be different. Children are evaluated on their application capability rather than their ability to reproduce what they learned or to write on test sheets.


Hence, in case you are looking to prepare your child for competitive examinations like IIT and AIIMS, CBSE is going to serve as the right precursor. In case you are looking at higher studies in a foreign country, IGCSE is going to immensely help your child.  so, it is your decision to find out: is cbse better or igcse  for you.