Carrying oneself in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic


A lot of us are adapting to a newer harsher reality of life. The pandemic of COVID-19 (known as the Coronavirus) has brought numerous opportunities and challenges.

While some are capitalizing on online channels to make their businesses flourish and survive the pandemic, others have closed down while some have bailed themselves out.  The pandemic has sent shockwaves around the world, resulting in closure of non-essential businesses and there is also growing uncertainty about what lies ahead.

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Online earnings (how to make money online) are now rising as everyone is glued to their phones and computers and are buying things online.

What we do know is that things are going to get better and that is a certainty we all believe in. A lot of people are practicing the daily gratitude routine (which is also practiced by a renown SEO company in Oakville, Ontario). It is a ritual on helping people focus on things they are grateful for which are

  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Teammates
  • Health
  • Friends

In addition to these elementary pillars, anyone can practice gratitude for the other little things life has to offer; be it warmth of the sun, sunshine, greenery, wealth, the chance to have a good steak from Tim Horton’s, a smiling mood, a tasty meal and even the fresh smell of morning coffee.

At times, distressing stuff can be reshaped and reframed through gratitude. A full email inbox is something to be grateful for as a business can have many clients to serve, noisy kids bringing life to an otherwise dull home and indicating that one has a God blessed healthy and happy energetic family.

The more appreciative people are, the more they can shift their mindset and can help create a positive attitude. In times like these, a lot of people have never been more grateful for a lot of things in their life. This practice has helped them stay positive and focused in such a challenging period of time.

The more appreciative people are, the more their mindset changes and they can help create a positive attitude in themselves and in others around.

There are monumental changes across communities and the world. There has been a large change in our daily routine, change in workplace, remote working and the social isolation which is widespread. We all feel the impact of COVID-19.

Corona Virus

A lot of time has gone by and days progress. There are a lot of ups and downs and a lot of people have time to reflect on many things. Here are 11 ways one can carry themselves in the current pandemic of COVID-19:

Starting with the mission

For everyone, the mission is making everyone’s lives better, regardless of who they are. This should be our strength in the face of crisis. Even in our lowest points, we all must re-energize ourselves and re-focus so we can all vitalize our missions.

When the mission becomes more meaningful than the challenges it can bring, it brings an opportunity to offer reassurance and solutions in improving life for all the people we interact with. Each organization on the planet has a different mission, but it should be core to the values it espouses and act as a compass as employees navigate their way in these tough times.

Being positive

Positivity helps set the tone. This isn’t to say that no one will have moments of distress, fear, anger, sadness or shock. Every time a person sees any good news, their mood gets an improvement but when a call from a client comes in pausing a campaign, then the mood sits down.

But, if professionals keep going in these feelings, they won’t be able to help themselves, their teams and clients. They need to have a positive outlook because that sets the stage for a positive outcome. Choosing to have a positive mindset and living it out with their daily routine, behavior and communications will see others following this very same pattern.

Being thoughtful

We are all human. It is in our nature’s best interests to help each other out because this isn’t the time to point fingers, nor should businesses give out cold robotic responses whenever help is needed. This is a time of connecting with other people and helping others feel happy in the time of great need.

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