How did Huey Haha Die?

Huey Haha Die

It’s hard to figure out whether social media is primarily helping the youth or hindering their mental peace. The rate at which the child is committing suicide is alarming. Among so many social media influencers, the death of Huey Haha shocked us all. Famous comedian, Huey Haha attempted suicide, leaving everyone in surprise and questions like, how did this famous tiktoker die?

If you’re concerned about, what happened to Huey Haha, and why did he kill himself – feel yourself covered! Here, we will uncover these questions and figure out the facts of Huey Haha’s death.

Who was Huey Haha?

Among millions of social media influencers, Huey Haha was also a part of multiple platforms. Huey, whose real name is Hieu Minh Ngoc Ha, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Oct, 25th 2021. He had 240k followers on Instagram and almost a million followers on YouTube account. He was active on his socials and had nearly 100 short-format videos on YouTube.

Huey Haha was not only a famous comedian, making days the happiest for people, but was also a revolutionary Youtuber, and TikTok star. He belonged to Stockton, California, and lived in Sacramento when he committed suicide. He was known among his folks as the funniest guy, and so does his niche also revolved around his talent. This TikTok sensation managed to gain almost 4.5 million views on his content.

When did Huey on TikTok Die?

Huey Haha was on the top of his fame as a TikTok star and a comedian when he decided to take his life. Huey Haha’s cause of death was declared to be suicide, a self-inflicted gunshot. He was found dead in his house in Stockton on Oct 25. The Sacramento County Coroner’s office confirmed the cause of Huey’s death. His life journey ended at the young age of 22; he left behind his 2-year-old baby girl named Princess and girlfriend, Heather Saizon. A Sacramento Police Department spokesperson also confirmed his cause of death while stating one of the local news channels.

Why did Huey Haha Take his Life?

Indeed, Huey Haha’s death came as a shock, and his fans are still stuck at why did Huey Haha killed himself. Although, he didn’t post on his socials a couple of days before his death. His followers saw him as a potential upcoming star in the comedy industry. However, there is a dark side to this entertainment industry, too. We have seen the deaths of most top leading stars, such as Mort Sahl, Fuquan Johnson, Sean Lock, and Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson. We have also lost yet another leading talent in this industry.

It is obvious that the root cause of his suicide was depression, anxiety, and issues that he never took out of him. The fans, including his followers, had absolutely no idea what he was doing or when he needed help. Huey Haha’s cause of death concerns everyone, as we all know the horrific aftermaths of suicides.

GOFUNDME, Huey Haha Memorial

This campaign started as a support channel for the family of Huey Haha. Many admirers have donated and shared their condolences through this medium and on his social accounts.

GOFUNDME campaign is still active on his Instagram page, and previous donations helped cover the funeral costs. The current contributions through GOFUNDME go to his family. At Hue Haha’s funeral, the family collected around $46,000 through his GOFUNDME page.

Final Words – Death of Huey Haha

It’s heartbreaking when we think about how Huey Haha died. His laughter’s was visible to us all, but his mental struggles were unknown. Huey Haha passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound on 25 October 2021. His death at such a young age caused an unbearable shock for his followers, his 2-year-old baby girl, and his partner. We can’t unseen this huge loss; however, suicide is not the permanent solution. The people and loved ones left behind never truly get over a suicide loss. You get through it daily, and sometimes it’s moment by moment.