How Much did Diana Inherit from her Father?


Princess Diana was the most beloved princess all over the world. She was known to be the ‘People’s Princess’ due to her charming and kind personality. Her marriage to Prince Charles made her extremely popular. She caught the eye of the media because of her beauty and philanthropic endeavors. In 1987, “Time” magazine’s 1999 list of the “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century,” included Diana and called her ‘’Woman of the Year.’’ She faced many difficulties in her married life, so eventually, it ended up in divorce. People were upset by this decision but they continued to love the princess until she died in 1997, leaving the world in shock.

At the time of her death, Diana had a net worth of approximately $31.5 million. She had a huge jewelry collection, an art collection including the works of some greatest artists, and some other valuable assets that contributed to her wealth of millions. If you have questions about the Princess, this platform will cover all the details regarding her life and inheritance.

Early Life

Diana Frances Spencer was born in Sandringham, England on 1st July 1961. She was the child to John Spencer and Honorable Frances Shand Kydd. In 1975, Diana received the title “Lady Diana” after her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer. Initially, they were five siblings but Diana’s elder brother, John died during his childhood. Jane and Sarah were her elder sisters and their younger brother Charles became the 9th Earl Spencer after their father passed away in 1992.

Where did Diana Grow Up?

Diana always had a noble bloodline as the Spencers were closely connected to the British Royal Family for generations. She grew up in Sandringham estate in a house owned by Queen Elizabeth II. The house was commonly known as the Park House. Whenever the royals visited Sandringham, Diana used to play with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Titles of Diana Spencer

Princess Diana was undoubtedly the lady of the era at her time. During her life she got different titles, among them are:

In 1975, she was known as ‘’Lady Diana’’ after her father became the Earl.

After marrying Prince Charles in 1981, she was given the title of ‘’Her Royal Highness – the Princess of Wales.’

In 1987, Times Magazine declared her to be the ‘’Woman of the Year.’’

After getting a divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, she became ”Diana, Princess of Wales.’’

How was her Marriage Experience with Prince Charles?

Diana met Prince Charles in 1977 when he was dating her sister. Charles developed an interest in Diana and invited her to spend a weekend with him on their family yacht Britannia. Eventually, on 6th February 1981, he proposed to her at Windsor Castle. Their marriage ceremony took place on 29th July 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral. About 750 million watched the wedding on television. Unfortunately, the popular couple’s marriage suffered several rough patches and ended on 28th August 1996.

How much did Diana Inherit from her Father?

Diana’s fortune comes from various sources including her jewelry, clothes, and other valuable assets. Although there is no authentic information regarding how much she inherited from her father according to some sources Diana inherited around £13 million from her father’s estate.

How much did She inherit from her Divorce Settlement with Charles?

Diana was not happily married to Charles. She faced some major problems during her marriage including Charles’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend Camilla. The ‘fairytale’ wedding ended when the couple decided to get a divorce in 1996. She received a lump sum payment of 17 million pounds and a yearly income of 400,000 pounds from her divorce settlement with Charles.

What is Diana’s Net Worth and How did she Earn it?

Princess Diana had a net worth of approximately 21 million pounds at the time of her death in August 1997. Most of her wealth came from her divorce settlement, her father’s real estate, and her valuable assets including her jewelry and art collection.

Who Inherited Diana’s Fortune?

Her wealth was divided into several of her loved ones, her godchildren, and her butler Paul Burrell. But the larger part was put into a trust for her two sons, William and Harry. It was dictated by the fund that both the sons will receive their share when they turn 30. By the time they turned 30, the amount was raised to £10 million for each of them.

When did Princess Diana Die?

Diana died in a car accident just after a year of her divorce, on August 31st, 1997. She was traveling with her boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed along with his driver Henri Paul. The accident occurred in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Dodi and his driver passed away at the scene and Diana was taken to Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital where she died a few hours after the accident.

Where is Princess Diana Buried?

Princess Diana was buried on 6th September 1997 on an island within Althorp Park. The funeral was held at Westminster Abbey and the memorial was watched by 2 billion mourners.

The Place de l’Alma, which is just above the Pont de l’Alma tunnel was renamed in 2019. The new name was Place Diana Princesse de Galles in memory of the beloved princess.

Philanthropic Endeavors

The Princess was widely known as the ”People’s Princess” due to her legacy of being a philanthropist. She dedicated all her life to charitable causes to help those in need. Throughout her life, she was the patron of multiple charities including organizations for awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS, fighting poverty, and many cancer trusts.

During the 1980s and 1990s, AIDS was quite common and spreading at an alarming rate. The people suffering from the disease were neglected and discriminated against. Diana raised her voice on this issue and played a significant role in raising awareness and reducing this discrimination. She was seen shaking hands with an HIV-positive individual, this move of the princess was revolutionary and it helped in breaking the stigma.

Moreover, she worked day and night to help poor and homeless children all over the world. She was the patron of many child welfare charities including, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Great Ormond Street Hospital. She worked with Royal Marsden NHS Foundation and opened the Wolfson Children’s Cancer Unit in 1993 at the hospital.

William and Harry continue the humanitarian legacy of their mother by supporting all the charities of which Diana was a member.


Princess Diana is considered to be a great influential figure throughout the world. Her kindness, empathy, devotion, and dedication to charitable causes proved her to be the People’s Princess. Despite going through the personal problems of her marriage, she continued to create a positive impact on the world by raising her voice for various issues such as AIDS, poverty, and cancer. Diana has a net worth of 21 million pounds which includes the 13 million pounds she inherited from her father’s real estate and the £17 million she received from her divorce settlement. Her legacy extends beyond her financial status and continues to inspire generations.


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