Things you Should know Before Applying for MBA in Marketing

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The Master of Business Administration program is a rewarding procedure that may assist you in gaining valuable expertise in the business world. Students will have the opportunity to acquire all of the knowledge necessary to successfully operate their own companies with the assistance of this curriculum.

The abbreviation “MBA” refers to “Master of Business Administration,” and the length of time required to complete the degree in its entirety is typically approximately two years. MBA programs in Finance, International Business, Economics, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing are among the most sought after today. Of course, there is also the traditional MBA program.

What are the Prerequisites for Acquiring a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing?

Students are required to fulfill a number of prerequisites before they may enroll in an MBA program in a foreign country that specializes in marketing. The following are some of the prerequisites needed to enroll at the majority of colleges throughout the world:

  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • A grade point average of a minimum of 3.0
  • A GMAT score of 600 or above, at the very least.
  • Experience in the field spanning at least 2 years
  • Recommendation letters and cover letters
  • Resume
  • Personal statement

Cost of the Program and Financial Aid

The cost of the Nanyang MBA program is S$ 65,000. The cost includes Tuition fees, GST, and Miscellaneous Fees.

Financial Aid

The financial aid options are

  • NTU Alumni Grant
  • Study Grant for Singapore Citizens and SPRs
  • Skillsfuture Credit
  • Corporate Discount
  • SBI Student Loan
  • Maybank Education Loan
  • POSB Further Study Assist
  • Prodigy Finance
  • Nanyang Women in Business Scholarship
  • Nanyang GLC Scholarship
  • Nanyang EU Scholarship
  • Employment Statistics(2019)

95/ of MBA students were employed within three months of graduation. The average alumni salary after three years of graduation was $134,036. The leading hiring sectors were Technology, Media and Communications, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consulting, and Financial Services.


The leading companies that participated in the hiring process were Deloitte, DBS, PWC, Tata, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and Fung Group.

Networking Events

The key networking events organized by the career development center were Industry Talk, Career Day, Career Management Workshop, Resume Workshop, and Internship Fair.

What are the Employment Opportunities Available?

Technology is an essential component of our lives and will continue to play a vital role in our professional and day-to-day lives. The way that companies are operated is beginning to shift as a result of the rise in technological capability. Marketing is increasingly done online and via digital platforms, and many companies have their own marketing teams who concentrate on and research various areas of their particular industry.

With a Master of Business Administration in Marketing under your belt, the employment opportunities are almost limitless. Following is a list of the top ten careers that may be pursued after receiving an MBA in Marketing:

  • Marketing Manager
  • The Director of Market Research
  • Financial Manager
  • Professional in Public Relations (PR)
  • Sales Manager
  • Manager of Medical Affairs
  • Analyst of Market Research Position
  • Database Administrator
  • Advertising Manager
  • General Management

If you have an MBA in Marketing rather than a master’s degree in Marketing, you have a better chance of finding work in marketing, general management, and administration. Jobs in the fields of technology, healthcare, digital media, and entertainment are consistently ranked among the most desirable options available.

What is the Typical Pay Range for those Who have an MBA in Marketing?

There is a disparity in pay between the available opportunities and the employment that is obtained by MBA marketing graduates. The annual pay for a Marketing MBA is typically close to $93,000 on average. The annual salary for a Marketing Manager is around $63,000, the annual salary for a Marketing Director is approximately $84,000, and the annual salary for a Chief Marketing Officer is approximately $169,000


In general, earning an MBA in Marketing may provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge not just about marketing in particular but also about basic business practices. In addition, you will have the chance to study business and marketing at some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges to get your MBA in marketing. Graduates who have obtained an MBA from a reputable business school have the potential to achieve remarkable success in various business fields.

Understanding the Fundamentals

It’s possible that the majority of you don’t come from a management background, as the BMS or BBA students do. Therefore, it would be a smart move to go over the fundamentals of what the MBA has to offer as a starting point. Make it a priority to educate yourself on specific fundamental ideas and jargon pertaining to broad fields of study such as business, economics, and finance, among others. The four P’s of marketing, SWOT analysis, and the structure of a balance sheet are just a few examples of the topics that you might discuss.

Participate in a Crash Course

Before beginning your MBA studies, you should make every effort to complete at least one certification program. Because it is possible that you will not have much free time after you begin your courses, it is a good idea to start taking classes before you begin those classes. You have the option of taking a class that is connected to the concentration (which you would ultimately decide on in the second year), or you could take a class that is useful in a more broad sense, such as one on Google analytics, communication skills, Google Adword, advanced excel, etc. Nevertheless, before enrolling in a class, check to see if the website it comes from is reputable.

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