My First Red Carpet Walk


Modeling was a dream I had been preparing for since my teenage. When I was 13 I used to go through different magazines and stare at the models in them. Ever since then I had been very diet conscious because I wanted a future in modeling and I could only get it if I had a perfect body.

I had discussed this with my parents several times and they weren’t very optimistic about a career in modeling since they always wanted me to become a doctor. I like doctors. The idea of healing people always sounded good to me but I didn’t really have the passion for it. I has taken science subjects in high school to keep the medicine as my second option in case modeling didn’t work out but I was determined to become a model.

My routine was very tough but I always made time for exercise and ate healthy food. I also joined Zamba classes to maintain the flexibility of my body. After I was in high school I enrolled myself in med school but on the side, I started building a portfolio in modeling as well. It was very tough for me to take both things side by side but I didn’t want to put myself in trouble case I couldn’t become a model. I always doubted becoming a model because it was a very special dream for me and it was almost impossible for people these days to reach the kind of success I desired with ease.

When I was in my fourth year of med school I was offered an opportunity to walk the ramp for a well-known designer. I had modeled for small brands before and my pictures would often appear in the advertisements for different brands but I had never walked the ramp for anyone before. The thought of actually walking the ramp in front of so many people gave me chills.


I consulted my best friend for help as my anxiety was driving me crazy. The show was in one month and my face looked so dull because of the stress I had taken due to studies. She told me about CBD oils. She said they were very good for the health and I could also find very useful products for the skin as well. So searched on google for CBD oils and where could I buy them. It was then when I came across which was offering Biocbd gutschein . This was like a treat for me because I didn’t really have to invest a lot of money because this gutschein was offering good discounts.

So I bought a few products from this website and they were delivered to my doorstep on the day promised. I immediately started using them and in two weeks I could see a visible effect on my skin. One of the oils was used to relieve stress and it literally did wonders for me. I could see a visible difference in my skin and my moods.

So when the time for the show came I applied biochem oil before the makeup phase could begin. It relieved my stress and my skin was on point that day so I didn’t really need to worry about it. As the walk began I stepped onto the ramp with the kind of confidence I had never had before. I walked all the way to the front flaunted my style posed for the cameras and came all the way back with a glowing smile on my face. I had done it and it was awesome! That was my first walk and ever since then I have had many ramp walks and I have enjoyed each and every one of them to the core.