Is it Effective to Pursue my Master’s Degree of Commerce with Distance Learning?

Master's Degree of Commerce with Distance Learning

Commerce is a part of business and economics studies that teaches commerce aspirants all the activities regarding the exchange of products and services from the manufacturer or producer to the client. It does not comprise only buying and selling of the products but it is an extensive stream of making future in investing, finance, distribution of the products, completing demands of the market, and more business opportunities. Being a graduate is a big thing but having a Master’s degree in Commerce is really beneficial and opens the gates for commerce aspirants to become chartered accountants. On the other hand, e-commerce is also a part of Commerce with a touch of technology.

Masters of Commerce can easily get jobs in larger companies and banks but they need to get a Master’s degree in Commerce to proceed further in their career.

Pursuing M.Com is easier when you go to college or university daily but due to Corona Virus, the colleges and schools haven’t been open yet physically which creates a bigger problem in front of the students.

A Little History of Distance Learning

The widespread outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government to close schools and encourage distance learning from home. Various methods are used to ensure that learning activities continue even though there are no face-to-face sessions.

Distance education is a method where students and teachers are in different locations, so an interactive telecommunication system is needed to connect with one another. In distance learning, technology is required, considering that learning is done online or online.

LPU Distance learning methods actually existed long before the Covid 19 pandemic hit. The methods of Distance Learning have continually evolved. With the widespread use of the internet by the public in various countries in 1996 it became a growing phenomenon. It was followed by the emergence of various digital content in it.

MCom Distance Education is offered across time and space so that students gain flexibility in learning in time and different places, and uses a variety of sources to learn. Distance Education evolves from forms of correspondent education to education through e-learning across time and space.

Little History of Distance Learning

The sudden shift from face-to-face classrooms to distance learning from home also shows the need for the capacity building of teachers. Unequal internet access, gaps in teacher qualifications, and quality of education, as well as a lack of communication and technology skills, are vulnerabilities in distance learning initiatives in India.

Definition of E-Learning

  • Individual/independent or group learning with the help of LPU distance learning institutes.
  • Provides flexibility for students to study anytime, anywhere alone, and with anyone.
  • Can be combined with face-to-face learning blended, but has innovative value because it gives the feel of new in the teaching and learning process that is different from ordinary face-to-face learning.

LPU emphasizes independent, structured, and guided learning by using a variety of learning resources;

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