Can You Overdose On Nicotine By Only Vaping? Know From The Experts

Can Vaping Lead To Nicotine Poisoning?

Before we get into a more serious discussion, it should be first known that the average vaper has very limited chances of overdosing on nicotine. If the user is not abusing the system along with the vaping products or using them in an unsafe manner, there will be no problems to worry about.

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However, there are certain major risks that somebody might face when they directly ingest e-liquids containing nicotine. Therefore, if you’re a vaper, you should be keeping e-liquids out of reach of pets and children. They are as much as a potential hazard as any other dangerous household products out there, such as detergents for laundry or bleach. But, if used carefully, even e-liquids containing nicotine along with a genius pipe will be ideal for usage.

Can Vaping Lead To Nicotine Poisoning?

It has been already researched and found out that vapers always limit their intake of nicotine. What this means is that – they adjust their intake according to what they’re feeling at a specific moment. In case a vaper feels tired or wants to intake nicotine, then that person will intake comparatively larger amounts of e-liquid and thereby will be using their e-cigarettes for a longer period as well.

On the other hand, if a vaper already has a good amount of nicotine in their body and thereby experiences vertigo or sickness, then they would instantaneously want to slow down or stop their nicotine intake altogether – before they start feeling any serious effects of nicotine poisoning.

The same about coffee intake as well. If you start in-taking too much coffee at any point in time, your body would start feeling dizzy or nauseatic. Even the biggest coffee junkie wouldn’t have the power to intake unlimited amounts of coffee. Therefore, the usage will depend on how much the user’s body can tolerate.

If any non-smoker with no such limits on nicotine tolerance will start vaping, that person will feel light-headed and will not feel any harm being done to his or her body, unless the usage is excessively high.

The Bottom Line

In case you’re using a high-wattage e-cigarette, then you need to ensure that you purchase e-liquids with lower strength because these high-wattage systems will evaporate more juice per second. So, anything over 6 mg/ml would not be recommended if you’re using a high-power box mod. Moreover, if you’ve recently switched over from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, it should be noted that e-cigarettes will not provide you with the same amount of nicotine intake compared to a regular cigarette.

This is because regular cigarettes provide you with a direct blast of nicotine compared to e-cigarettes which provide the body with nicotine supply slowly. Therefore, if you can keep accidental e-liquid ingestion out of your routine, then there shouldn’t be any problems regarding the same and there wouldn’t be any nicotine poisoning.

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