Can Exercise Lead to Back Pain?


Exercise has been rightly called a “free drug” since, indeed, its benefits are simply too many to ignore. However, sometimes, a challenging workout at the gym may cause you to groan with aches and pains in several body parts. But don’t worry. It’s normal to experience them, and especially after a hard training session. The back is a big muscle and is utilised extensively in any workout. And because of this, one of the major causes of upper back pain is incorrectly performed weight-bearing exercises. 

Are you regularly experiencing pain in your back after your training sessions? If so, consider the following pointers next time you hit the gym. 

Maintain Proper Form

Your back muscles are bound to become sore after you have performed exercises targeting them. They may also become sore if you have tried out a new routine. You can prevent undue strain on them by paying attention to your form while performing the movement. It’s also a good idea to execute the exercises under your trainer’s supervision. And if the trainer is not there, you can check your posture by doing the exercise in front of a mirror. 

Build the Intensity of Your Workouts Slowly

Sure, your body is capable of executing high-intensity exercises efficiently. But this is true only when you slowly elevate the intensity of your drills. Lifting too heavy too soon will only do you more harm than good. So, be mindful of your body’s signals; there is a difference between pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and pushing yourself to the point of injury. 

Ensure that you are using the right equipment while performing various movements. For example, if you are a runner, you should invest in a pair of running shoes designed for this particular purpose.  

Spend Some Time Warming up Your Muscles

Mobility is crucial as it prepares the body for the stress of training. It helps you become able to endure an exercise’s entire range of motion using your muscles, and it is vital for minimising the risk of injuries and for improving your range of movement. 

Often, people enter a gym and go straight to the weight rack to start lifting, and a five-minute warmup is all they do on a treadmill before lifting. Hence, one of the primary causes of upper back pain is a lack of full-body mobility exercises between warmup and lifting. Do not jump straight into a heavy lifting session after warming your body. Meanwhile, it is also important to set some time aside when performing motions like arm swings, trunk rotation, side bends, hip circles, and leg swings. They will help your body to perform at its maximum capacity. 

Do Not Forget to Stretch Afterwards

Stretching the muscles after a rigorous session is also important to relieve back pain issues. People often forget to stretch their whole body when they complete a workout. They do not feel that it’s of much use at the moment. But a few forward, backward, and lying stretches will not only relieve the tension and pain in your back they will also make you feel more relaxed.

Never Ignore the Warning Signs

If you are someone who is frequently experiencing upper or lower back pain after a workout session, do not ignore it. It can signal a serious condition like herniated discs, sciatica, or severe muscle strain. So when you frequently feel the pain, stop exercising for some time and consult your doctor. On the other hand, if you don’t feel anything like that, keep the points mentioned above in mind when you get ready for your next gym session.