Call Center Tips: How to Properly Deal with Angry Customers


Globally recognized as the call center capital, the Philippines continuously impresses business people globally. According to some people, Filipinos are highly admired for being accent-neutral and having remarkable talents and character. 

However, if a call center company wants to succeed in the industry further, learning how to properly deal with angry customers is a must. As someone working in the call center industry, there is no doubt that you will have your fair share of coming across angry customers regularly. No matter how difficult this situation can be, you must keep in mind that the way you handle this interaction can either lead to a successful resolution or losing the customer in totality. Check out the following tips on how to properly deal with angry customers! 



You can immediately tell whether or not the customer is angry within the first few seconds of the call. They tend to yell and vent their displeasure non-stop. Don’t stop them and let them express their problems. 

Let them know you are aware and you are listening to what they’re saying. And take note that while the customer is talking, they can go from one topic to another. This is why you need to jot down their problems. In doing so, you can keep notes and focus on how to find an immediate and effective solution.


Remain Calm

Don’t take it personally. You should remember that the customer is not throwing complaints at you as an individual. They are voicing out their frustration. Remember that there is a possibility that the customer may not have received the service they expected from your company. Having empathy for the customer can go a long way. 

Your facial expressions cannot be expressed in a phone call to show you are sorry. This is why it’s important to use the right tone of voice. You must have a calm and professional tone that expresses empathy. Take a deep breath because an agitated tone will simply enrage the customer even more. 


Repeat Information

Once the angry customer is done voicing out their problem, make them feel that you understand them. You can avoid saying the generic sorry because it gives the angry customer an avenue to say “sorry won’t fix my problem”. 

You can be apologetic without saying “sorry for the inconvenience” by saying something like “I would feel the same in your situation, but I’ll sort this out for you” instead. Afterward, summarize their problems. By doing this, you can make the customer feel you are actually listening to them. Who knows? They might start calming down when they speak again. 


Avoid the Hold Button

Many call center agents tend to put angry customers on hold thinking that this will calm them for a while. Unfortunately, this results in the opposite. Being put on hold will only infuriate the customer further because of the waiting time. 

A survey from HelpScout found that customers only wait for 11 minutes before hanging up out of frustration at not being able to talk to a person. Keep in mind that the customer called to get a hold of an expert who knows their situation the best. If you put the customer on hold, he/she can perceive that you don’t want to deal with the problem. 

Talk to the angry customer and inform them of what exactly you are doing to solve the issue. For example, “I noticed that you still haven’t received your order. I’m contacting the driver right now ma’am/sir”. By doing this, your angry customer will realize that you are guiding them throughout the process. 


Make the Caller Happy

Once you have identified the problem and researched its solution. You are now aiming to turn this situation into a positive experience. According to a survey, after just one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with the company again. This is why it’s important to take the necessary action to make the angry customer happy. 

You can give the customer options on how to resolve their issue to give them a sense of control. Another way to make them happy is to ask your company to offer the customer a refund or voucher. It can come off as a way to say you are sorry and that you appreciate their business.

Additionally, before ending the call, ask the caller if there is anything else you can help them with. Committing to going the extra mile can make them feel more appreciated.


Tell Your Supervisor

Sometimes, angry customers can be really pushy and tend to say threatening words by using violent language. You can try warning them that you do not condone such language. 

In this case, it is important for your supervisor to have your back. If you followed your company’s policy guidelines for handling difficult customers and they still proceed to threaten you, you can tell your supervisor. If your guidelines allow it, your supervisor may end the call when they cross the line. 


Key Takeaway

It will always be a part of call center jobs to handle angry customers. Remember that in dealing with such a challenging interaction, you must keep your cool. Patience and professionalism can go a long way in improving your customer’s experience. 

Listening, staying calm, repeating information, avoiding the hold button, and making your caller happy are all essential tips when you have an angry customer on the line. Applying these techniques will not only allow you to help the customer but will also drastically reduce handle times.