Cakes For Your Me Time


There comes a time in your life when you actually want to take some time off just for yourself and be with nobody no people around doing nothing just laying around and having fun with yourself.

But me-time can be achieved with a lot of hard work and you will have to make sacrifices here and there someday you’ll have to get up early to finish work in advance so that you can get free time in the upcoming days. 

There are several things that you can do in your free time you can shut down all the media and telecommunication devices or just sitting near the window and suffering hot cocoa or lemon and looking outside the window thinking where to take your life next. 

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Your me-time can be about anything and everything that you want to do in that if you like baking and cooking then you can probably cook and bake at home instead of eating outside. Maybe you can start some gardening and sow the seeds for a few plants or flowers. You can always contact online services to help you with the flowers, nowadays they not only deliver flowers but also help you make a garden. The best thing to do is when you can’t think of anything is then have your favorite movie come in handy and order online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city. So flowers would be for your good mood and cake to relish in sweet pleasure. Below you find many cakes for your me-time – 

1) Chocolate Fudge Cake 

Chocolate fudge is basically dark chocolate butter and sugar. It can be frozen overnight and then eaten for at least a week. But if you are kind of reluctant to cook then you can always order an online cake and flower delivery in delhi or any other city. Chocolate fudge cake is very easily available online and flowers for your home to smell fresh. 

2) Strawberry Marble Cheesecake with Strawberry Ganache 

The most complicated this cake sounds the tastier it is. This cake is made in the same manner as we make a normal marble cake. The only thing is that we don’t have to bake it. So you add one layer of cream cheese and the layer of strawberry ganache and layer by layer your cake would be ready on top of it you can add a layer of some strawberry and raspberry jam. Eat this cake with fresh flowers on the table for yourself and enjoy it while you read a book, watch a movie, or just eat. 

3) Glazed Cake 

Glazed cakes are yet another popular dessert. So the cake inside glaze remains the same as a sponge cake and a cause of the flavor that you wanted to be. But the icing instead of buttercream or cream cheese etc. is glazed icing uses corn syrup in it to get that perfect thin look. Glazed cake with fresh flowers and a Hallmark Christmas movie make up a perfect combination. 

4) Truffle Chocolate Cake 

Truffle is basically a triple chocolate cake. So there are actually three layers of three ways in which the cake is made. The very first is that the cake is chocolaty, dark chocolate frosting is added to ice it properly and then it is decorated with lots of chocolates. Another thing about truffle cake is that it has around 6 layers, to add more frosting to it. You can twist this cake a little bit and order cake in Bangalore for yourself and flowers for your loved ones. 

5) Cupcakes 

Cupcakes or yet another mini version of cakes. They use the same recipe as that of a cake. Actually made in different molds of varied shapes and sizes. You can bake cupcakes easily at home. But this is your me time and you don’t really know what to cook food and that’s why an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore would be the best possible option so that you can eat it instantly. 

6) Pastries 

Pastries are a shorter version of the cake and for sure all of us relish in the pleasures of eating a pastry. However, there are actually two kinds of pastries – one that is a puff pastry which is made up of flour dough and jellies and jams. And the second one is made up of sponge cake. Pastries can be made both ways, but if you are definitely willing to enjoy some me-time then the best thing for you to do is order an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore

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