Cakes, cakes all the way from beginning till now.


Cakes the most loved dish all around the world has its history and origins dating back to medieval times. Be at any occasion, cakes have been a symbol of well being and love. The history of cake has been dated back to the 13th century and its origin from the Norse word “Kaka”. From Ancient Egyptians to Medieval Europe many cultures have mentioned advanced baking skills in History. Nuts, Dried Fruits, Honey, and Gingerbread were used in those times and the cakes were very different from what we see today.

With the advent of technology in locomotion, logistics, food processing, and metallurgy cakes started looking similar to the ones we eat today. The easy availability of food molds, refined sugar and ovens and process of making icing was not until the middle of the 19th century,

The cake was sometimes used in religious ceremonies and round shape of cake symbolized the cyclical nature of life. Cakes have been used throughout history for all occasions, birthdays, baptism, as an offering to gods and spirits, at the time of harvest, weddings, and at the end of annual cycles. The round shape of the cake was used also a symbol for the sun and the moon.

Even nowadays no occasion is complete without a delicious, gorgeous looking cake. Do you know the world’s largest wedding cake was prepared in a Casino in Connecticut in 2004 and weighted 6818 Kilograms?

Even the world tallest cake was prepared in Jakarta, Indonesia by a team of students and towered at 108 feet, while the world’s most expensive cake was prepared in Aitkens Spence Hotels, Srilanka and was named “The Pirates Fantasy”. It was priced at $35 Million and was studded with Rubies and Sapphires.

Cakes have become an indispensable part of life and it’s difficult to imagine our life without cakes and their mini versions like muffins, fruit cakes, and pastries. Our School and College life would have been unimaginably dull if there would have been no pastries and fruit cakes.

However, the challenge still remains as it was earlier in our childhood days. There are always a limited number of options. No matter, how delicious cakes our neighbor-hood bakery served there was always a limited availability of flavors and shapes to go on with.

No matter if you are roaming in the streets of Sarabha Nagar or Model Town, even the most famous and largest bakeries will have no more than a dozen options on display and some of them were insanely expensive. But now, you don’t have to worry about options and price, no matter where you are living in Ludhiana, you can simply go online and browse through hundreds of different mouth-watering options for cakes at a price that fits your budget easily.

You can order cakes built on your specifications of shapes, size, model and flavors. Be it a replica of your house or a family photo engraved on the top, you can order online cake delivery in Ludhiana and choose the best cakes for your occasion and gifting to your loved ones.