Buying Premium Quality Small Double Bed Sheets for Toddlers


The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, no matter if it is a kid’s bedroom or an adult bedroom. Bedsheets recently taste the homeowner and inject color and texture to the bed. Appropriately chosen pieces change to the interior with their bright colors and prints. So looks are extremely important, when you are up to buying small double bed sheets for toddlers, bear in mind that the fees must be soft, comfortable in which stands the planet is of time. Moreover, they must look gorgeous and pretty.

If you are currently looking for some ideas to buy small double bed sheets for your kids, read on our guide given below to help yourself to buy premium quality sheets.

Buy a sheet set

Always purchase a sheet set that contains both fitted and a flat sheet because the fitted sheet will hug the mattress tightly and prevent the top sheet from coming off its place. You can use the fitted sheet alone if your child moves too much or if the weather is hot. The fabric material of both the fitted and flat sheet varies with the child’s body type and the climatic condition of the place.

Choose the fabric material wisely

When it comes to choosing the fabric material for these sheets, it much depends upon the level of comfort you want to achieve. There exist both natural and synthetic fabrics when it comes to toddler bedding. Always make sure you get something soft, nice and smooth across the toddler bed and help him sleep comfortably. Please have a look at the popular fabric materials and their properties given below.

Microfleece is a synthetic material which is usually obtained from polyester or other petroleum products. It is one of the best materials used for making fitted sheets because it is soft, lightweight and moisture-wicking. Microfleece absorbs only one percent of its total weight, which keeps the user’s body dry while he is sleeping on it. Moreover, it is super breathable, dense, and flexible.

Cotton is another go-to toy for kids’ bedding. Because it is obtained from natural sources, and if your child is suffering from any allergies, weather skin or respiratory organic cotton bedding are helpful. They are durable and comfortable. Moreover, they can be washed domestically and require no special care. It is worthy of mentioning here that cotton bedding comes as organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, upland cotton, and Pima cotton. Each of these types of characteristic features so checks the fiber content before you buy to make sure you are purchasing the right.

Silk, jacquard, microfiber, and patchwork are not recommended when it comes to small double bed sheets. They are only meant for adults bedding for some certain occasions only.

Look for the thread count

Thread count indicates the number of threads woman in a square into the fabric material. It represents the thickness and density of the fabric material, the higher the thread count, the denser the material will be. There is a misconception that represents the quality of the fabric, which is not valid, so don’t fall for it.

Various fabric materials offer different ranges of thread count, but on average, it varies from 200 to 1600. 200 indicate the lowest or the thinnest sheets, whereas 1600 indicates the denser and the most durable ones. Experts recommend buying 350 to 600 TC when it comes to kids’ bedding. Anything below 350 is not worth buying.

Design & Color Scheme

If you want your kid to sleep as much as possible, make his bedding colorful and inviting. Use complementary colors according to the interior of the room and the gender of the child. You can also add your child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero-inspired print all color scheme to his room.

For instance, if you are designing the room for a baby girl, choose Disney aura Barbie printed bed sheets and match the rest of the interior such as wall paints and other accessories with them. On the other hand, boy, you can add a spider Man, ben10, iron Man Thor, or any other character printed sheets he likes.