Three Key Roles that IT Staff Play in an Organization

IT Staff Organization

Few sectors of business embrace change and development as much as within the field of IT. It’s expected that IT professionals will need to fully subscribe to a philosophy of lifelong learning to enable them to stay abreast of the latest knowledge and developments within the industry.

In any medium- or large-sized business, there’s likely to be a team (or several teams) of dedicated IT staff who specialize in different areas of information technology and use their knowledge and skills to support a diverse range of business functions.

If you’re considering a career in IT, this article will be of significant benefit as it describes three key roles that IT professionals can undertake within an organization. It also includes salary estimates for each type of role.

Managing Cloud-Based Systems

In recent decades, there has been a mass migration of business applications from local servers to cloud-based systems. This allows key applications and programs to be accessed remotely by a growing number of staff who work from home or adopt hybrid models of working.

However, there’s a demand for skilled IT staff who can manage these cloud-based systems. A key part of this will be the use of an API management platform to deploy, monitor, and manage the online applications. Typically, an IT cloud manager will be adept with API management software and will be knowledgeable in monitoring traffic to the applications, ensuring that security systems are functioning correctly, and upgrading cloud-based applications when required.

IT cloud managers are highly paid and sought after, with salaries starting at around $141k and rising to $248k depending on the knowledge and experience of the IT professional.

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IT Support Desk

A key entry-level position in the field of IT is to work at an IT support desk. Typically, this role involves talking with staff members by phone or email who encounter IT problems during their working day. This could be as simple as forgetting a password and needing the support desk member to reset their login details. It may also include giving advice and guidance when using new IT systems and responding to IT malfunctions within applications or specific pieces of software.

This role can be the ideal entry point into a career in IT. A typical salary for an IT support desk worker is approximately $50k per year. If you enjoy assisting a range of staff members and can speak clearly and concisely while giving guidance and advice, this role may be ideal for you.

Protecting Against Cybercrime

Modern organizations take the threats of cybercrime extremely seriously. It’s estimated that the average cost of a successful data breach can be $200,000, which is a significant amount for any company, especially smaller organizations that may struggle to recover after such an event.

Businesses employ cyber security professionals to monitor their IT systems, educate the workforce on cybercrime, and ensure that systems are in place to minimize the chances of being affected by a cyberattack.

A high level of IT knowledge is required for this role, and this is mirrored in the salary for cyber security professionals. Depending on the specific role, many positions offer remuneration packages in excess of $100k per year.

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